December 25th, 2005

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About the effects of absinthe

My character, a 19-year-old boy, drinks about a decilitre of absinthe in one gulp (not knowing what it is). Is it believable for him to get drunk enough to lisp and say things he wouldn't say while sober, but still sober enough not to get sick (at least immediately)? It's a bit distilled absinthe, although I don't need to specify how strong. I could just make up a drink, but I'd rather use absinthe if not impractical.

(I've drunk absinthe myself, but that experience didn't help me one bit...)

ETA. Thanks for the answers, I think I need to give my character a little more time to get intoxicated.
---> off to edit the story

ETA2. I've changed the scene drastically enough that I have to design a completely different drink anyway. (Alternate universe, so I'll go with some this world ingredients and some imaginary ones.) I seem to have highly overrated the effects of absinthe because I blissfully forgot that the one time I had it myself, it wasn't exactly the first thing I drank that night... Thank you, now I realize that the absinthe won't work, and that the alcohol takes time to absorb.
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Miltary tactical advantage: preferred numerical superiority?

Hi. [I edited this post at 18:19 Dec 25th to try and make my question clearer]

I'm writing a fic set in the world of the 'StarGate: Atlantis' TV show. For those of you who don't know the show, it's sci-fi, so they fight the aliens on the ground and in spaceships. I have a USAF character who's thinking about how badly outnumbered they are, and how they don't have a technological advantage.

So, I need to know what the perfect numbers would be, in an ideal situation, to give you numerical superiority over an enemy. It doesn't *have* to be real-world realistic - maybe just a theory that an American Air Force officer would be taught in class/training/officer school. Or even just a particularly famous quote that someone military might know. He's really wishing thathe had numerical superiority at this point


Edit: The character is suppposed to be *depressed* at this point in the story, so please don't send me anything hopeful. He's *not* thinking about overcoming the odds, he's thinking about worst-case scenarios.

I'm not looking for quotes about general tactics. I want *facts*, *statistics*, *odds*, and *numbers*.

Thank you!
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Fuller Park, Chicago (South Side) circa 1980

This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone have any insight into what it was like to live in Fuller Park, or even just the general South Side of Chicago in the mid 80s or thereabouts? I have two characters who were about 12 in 1985, and who both grow up there (but then end up following very different paths). I'm mainly concerned with the violence/crime rate of the area and how easy it would be for someone to get sucked in to the seedy side at a younger age. And/or how a kid would avoid succumbing to it.

Thanks so much for any help you can give. ^_^