December 23rd, 2005


Beating an Elf(or Warrior Woman)

Alright, for a Fairy-Tale-esque story, Character A is sword-fighting with an elf woman. Not a smart thing to do, but he doesn't have much of a choice. Is there any sort of item or thing he could do, magical or not, to win? Everything I find is just stuff like, "Don't eat elf food, don't start dancing, blah blah..." which isn't exactly helping me.

Alternatively, if there are also any solutions to beating warrior-women, I think that might work too. But the only thing that comes to mind is a story where they swaped him out for someone else superhuman, and that does't work for the story.
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17th century alphabet in England

Hello, I love this community. I have a question that I feel I should know the answer to, as an English major, but I don't! I am reading through some microfilm right now of articles/satires written in the 1640s. Many letters are interchanged from the way we see them today (i.e. instead of a 'u', there is a 'v', or instead of an 's' there is an 'f'.)

Does anyone know why this was? Did they just write letters differently (the actual form) or was this a borrow-over from earlier English or another language? Did they not have as many letters as we have today? I'm just curious.

Thank you :).
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1930s English house party etiquette

I'm writing a short story set in an English house party of the late 1930s (1938, to be precise). Most of the details are covered well enough for my purposes by Emily Post and the Gosford Park script book, but I can't find any information on the presence of older children (thirteen-years-old) at such affairs.

For example, would they be invited at all, and if so, would they be fed separately to the adults, relegated to a nursery or what-have-you? None of the sources I've found mention children at all, which implies that they weren't welcome at house parties, but if anyone can tell me otherwise -- or at least hint at some flexibility in the etiquette, I'd be very much obliged.


ETA: And now I have all I need; thank you very much to those who commented!
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