December 22nd, 2005

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Partridge hunting shooting in England?

I'm at a loss - I want my story to start with a partridge hunt in England, but I'm more than fuzzy on the details. Can anyone tell me how such a hunt would go? In particular, would there be dogs used to scare up the birds and/or fetch them? And would it be feasible for someone with a country estate to organise a partridge hunt for the guests/neighbours in the present day, or am I better off moving the action about a century back in time?

For some reason, I find tons of information about grouse and pheasant, but I need to know whether partridge hunts differ from these two, and Google does not give much information.

EDIT: The British Association for Shooting & Conservation has a lot of the info I needed (it turns out that what I didn't know was that this kind of sport is called shooting, not hunting!), but the question of whether it would be feasible for an estate owner to organise a partridge shoot for his neighbours remains. Also, would it be more likely to be a driven shoot, or a walking/rough one?
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Australian Property Law

threeparts from the sydneysiders community suggested I ask this question here:
I need some information for a piece of fiction and I hope someone here can help point me in the right direction. What sort of law is there in Australia (NSW/Sydney specifically) regarding ownership and occupation of real estate? If a person had the deed to a house transferred to him by a parent, then subsequently left the house unoccupied for more than ten years, what would become of the property? This is assuming the owner could not be contacted. Would the state take posession and auction it off? If it matters, the house would have become unoccupied around 1973.

I appreciate any insight anyone can give regarding this matter. Thanks.

Cheerleading- personal views


I'm writing a story where the main character is a cheerleader/co-captain of her high school squad. The problem is i'm english and have never had any experience, apart from hollywood glamed up version, of the sport.

I've done some research and I have a rough idea of what a cheerleader does but i feel it lacks...i dunno substance? Real experience? It's not going to be a large part of the story but i'm too much of a research junkie to feel comfortable without knowing more.

I guess what i'm asking is for any personal opinions on cheerleaders (Why does anyone want to be one?), stories (complete cows, I hated all of 'em! I was one Hollywood has it right!) and anything else anyone can tell me to help flesh out that part.
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