December 21st, 2005


Statutory rape case, early-mid 1980s Upstate NY, and its consequences

My story is actually about the child that results from this relationship, but I need to know what's legally realistic.

The mother is not-quite-17 and gets involved in a summer romance with someone who is 21 or 22. She discovers she is pregnant, and both of them want to have the child, but her parents want him prosecuted for statutory rape (mostly out of prejudice, actually; one of her older sisters got into a similar fix and quietly got married, but in this case the father-to-be is of a different race, so her parents don't consider that acceptable) and they file charges against him. [EDIT: Yes, I have looked at New York laws, and this degree of age difference would constitute third-degree rape.]

For the story to work as I currently intend it to, the father needs to end up imprisoned (or at least under orders to have no contact with the mother and child) and the mother needs to be able to leave home and have the child (her parents kick her out), without losing custody.

So...approximately how would this work in, say, 1983, in smallish-town upstate New York?

Next question: the father is very bright and determined to make the most of his life despite what has happened. He was also very much in love with the mother and never really got over her, so he's going to be throwing himself into his work as a way of forgetting. Would it be at all realistic for him to become a college professor despite his criminal record? (There is nothing at all else on it, and he was a model prisoner/probationer.)

What other obstacles might be thrown in the way of him building a relationship with his daughter? I'm hoping for them to have some kind of reunion when she's in high school, and for him to have been prevented for some reason or other from doing so sooner. It doesn't directly have to relate to the criminal charges (though specific to this, he should not be actually paying child support; he's been putting the money in a savings account the whole time, but it doesn't reach the mother and child).

Results of a brawlfight

Fight scene, and a proper grappling-brawling-etiquetteless one at that (biting and choking allowed). My main character got off with a broken nose, a twisted back, a strained knee, and a variety of bruises and scrapes, but she's not the one I'm focussing on at the moment. I need to write a scene with her opponent, a male of 5'8" approx and medium-strongish build (his opponent was the same size and build), who's in good condition before and has access to quick treatment, 17th centuryish (special herbs are a yes, magic is a no).

His injuries include:

- Ear hit twice (affecting inner ear? I'm not sure.)
- Bite on left hand's outer edge
- Scraped throat (by sneaker, has also been kneed in throat)
- Several kicks to the face: hit in eye and nose (nose is broken?)
- Torn lip
- Back-of-head punch (this last one knocks his face into cobblestone and him out).

What I need to know:

1) Healing time/rates for different injuries. He's going to need to converse with an acquaintance, and I need to know when he'll be able enough to do so.

2) Exact effects of said injuries, and, if possible, firsthand experiences? (His viewpoint, and I need to be able to by-the-way these things convincingly.)

3) Treatments recommended? (This last I may perhaps be able to skim past, but it'd be nice, again, to be able to by-the-way some things.)

4) Anything you think I've forgotten? I know his prettyface is no longer going to be a prettyface (his opponent didn't have a prettyface to begin with), I know the combination of torn lip and swollen mouth etc isn't goign to be making for coherent talking, but if there's anything you can add, I'd be most, most appreciative.

Colorblindness - in a medical professional

I'm contemplating a fic where a medical professional is colorblind -- I haven't decided which variant.

I was wondering: what sorts of equipment (Syringes? Wires? Buttons on machines?) are color-coded to the extent that such a doctor might have trouble? Along the same lines, are there procedures or diagnostic tests or some other aspect of hospital life that I don't know about, that rely on color enough to make life difficult?

Thank you very much!
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Hiding Pregnancy with a Corset?

A 15-year-old girl ends up pregnant but doesn't want anybody to know, so she hides it. She's quite good at manipulating what she wears to keep everything hidden, up to a certain point.

At that certain point, she starts wearing a corset to assist in this hiding of her condition.

So... Anything and everything you know about wearing corsets while pregnant, especially wearing them tightly enough to severely diminish the appearance of being pregnant.

Also, is it likely to severely damage the child in any way? I want her to come out whole and be a reasonably intelligent young girl as she grows up.

If it's not feasible, then alternative suggestions for hiding a full-term pregnancy from people constantly in close contact with you is much appreciated.
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Suicide and Amnesia

Is it at all plausible that a woman who has been in a coma for sixth months - due to a deliberate car accident in which she tried to commit suicide - and who is now suffering from amnesia due to head injuries, would not be told of the fact that she tried to kill herself?

I was thinking that maybe for medical reasons it could be decided not to inform her of the suicidal intent behind the accident until she was stronger physically and mentally. But I don't know enough to know if this is even remotely likely. Would it be at the doctor's discretion? Would the next of kin have a say? Or is there some form of 'procedure' of what an amnesiac patient can or can not be told?
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Swiss army/Victorinox knives

There's a particular type of'em that's just one blade and one small screwdriver. The blade is approximately 12-15 cm long (5-6 inches, for those of you that work with that), and the lower half has a saw edge to it. I'm fairly certain it's a Swiss army model cos of the little white cross in the red box, but I haven't the foggiest clue what make it is. Anyone? Thanks in advance. (I ask the obscurest questions, I swear.)