December 19th, 2005

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I play in a supernatural RPG, and my character was just crucified, not in the Hollywood way, but what seems to have been the original way (thus, not nail driven through palm of hand). (Also, his feet are firmly on the ground, so no asphyxiation.

Question is, will he actually be able to use his hands afterwards? As in move his fingers? How long would it take for this to heal? (A lot of pulling at the arms going on too.)

Artists: Being famous/running a gallery

First off, this community is wonderful and thanks for all the help!

Ok, I’m really not sure how to Google this one and I’m hoping someone can offer some advice or recommendations.

The setup: I have a character who is a successful artist, living in Los Angeles, California. I need a little help making this more plausible. I want him to have his own gallery and be pretty well known, at least by name, and make decent money selling his work. He paints a variety of subjects, abstract to fantasy to ‘reality’.

The trouble is I’m not sure how exactly this would work. I know if you’re a famous author for example people buy your books and you have a publisher, agent, etc. You have book signings and make appearances. I’m not exactly sure what a famous/semi-famous artist would do or how he would become famous if that makes sense.

To break that jumble into questions:

What would being a successful artist involve? (Would there be name recognition? Would he be well known because someone saw his paintings and he was ‘discovered’?)

What would having a gallery involve? (I’m working with the assumption that it would be a place to house and display his work until it got bought and possibly have art showings for new pieces?)

Any help at all would be appreciated, I’m just kind of glossing over things right now and I think the character is coming off a little unrealistic because of it.

What does it feel like to get cut with a hot knife?


Does anyone know just what it feels like to get cut with a scalding hot knife? I've got this scene where a boy is having designs cut into his skin in a ritual, and the knife is heated in a fire to cauterize the wounds so they'll scar properly. Obviously, "pain" is occuring, but I can't quite imagine the sensation beyond that, and I'm not about to try and find out from personal experience. ^^;;

Edit: Also, now that I think about it, what kind of heat does it take to cauterize a wound? I was thinking of the knife being heated in a urn holding a fire, quite a bit smaller than the flame from a fireplace, but it occurs to me that might not get hot enough? I don't know much about these things...
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Permanent, crippling hand/arm injuries

I have a character who needs to be permanently injured or crippled in some fashion. She comes from the Wheel of Time universe, in which there are Aes Sedai (magic users, effectively) who can heal almost anything except death if they get there fast enough.

From what I've managed to get from Google, nerve death leads to paralysis, loss of sensation and reflexes, etc. The theory here is that nerve death should be unhealable, since death can't be healed. First question: does this sound logical to everyone, or am I reaching way too far? Is there something else you can think of that would be serious enough to leave someone permanently crippled despite the potential use of magic to heal injuries within approximately ten minutes?

Second question: I don't want my character paralysed. I do want her to lose at least partial control of one hand or arm. It must be something that could not be healed via magic. She will receive this injury in a fight, which can be roughly tailored to suit the injury, and it will be deliberately inflicted by another character who is trying to hurt her very badly (although not cripple her). Any suggestions as to what kind of injury this could be, and how she would be most likely to sustain it? Almost any weaponry can be used, if that helps at all.

As further information that might be helpful: unfortunately, she can be reached by healers within minutes of receiving the injury; it is very unlikely that the healers would mess up badly; she is in her early fifties and is a trained, battle-scarred warrior. Her opponent is a teenage girl, almost but not quite a fully-fledged warrior.

Thanks for any help, thoughts, or useful websites, 'cause my Google-fu is failing me.

Edit: You are all wonderful, thank you for the extremely helpful thoughts. Crushing looks like the way to go!
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New Jersey shore

I have a story that takes place in New Jersey. A group of people is going to do a beach-side activity. Only I thought of that activity with my own country's shoreline in mind (wide sand beaches, divided from the country by a broad line of dunes) and from what I'm able to tell by tourist info sites and satellite photos the New Jersey shore is different. For one thing, houses seem to line the beach almost everywhere! I can't find a spot without some beach-side town...

- Are there never any flood problems (spring tide?) or is there a difference in height that I didn't see on maps and photos?
- Are there any stretches of beach that are NOT always beset by sunbathers and such? I need an 'empty' stretch of beach for this group to go land-sailing. Obviously that's an activity you can only do on an empty beach..
- From what I can find the tidal difference is only about 1.5 metres, is that about right? Can someone give me an idea of how much beach is exposed at low tide?
- What is the sea itself like? How high are waves on a moderate day? I'd have thought since it's ocean that the seas would be fairly rough, but with lots of photos of pavellions just metres from the waterline and tiny little waves lapping, maybe I just have a completely wrong image...