December 18th, 2005

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Question about Gun shot wounds

I don't know if I'm just not looking this up right or not. But I'm trying to find information on the conditions on a very serious level gun shot wound.
This was the set up.
Character gets shot pushing another person out of the way of a gunman. I want the bullet to hit the chest very near the heart. Right against it or next to it would be great. The bullet would be piercing through leather and metal (The metal wasn't thick, so the bullet passed through but between both items and the gunman's own inexperience with such things it didn't go through the whole body. I want the character to live through this. Possibly spending time in a coma if possible but any suggestions on how to find this in Google? I tried chest wounds, treatments for such things and while yes I got information. None of it was in area's that I needed to know about detailed enough. Thanks in advanced the new student of Google-Fu.
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Johnny Cash song/release date and album.

For some reason I feel like I'm going to get laughed out of the community for this question. It seems really obvious, but it apparently isn't. At least, I've googled for a while now and can't seem to find anything.

My question is about the Johnny Cash song, "Boy Named Sue." All I need is the album it was originally released on, and the year that album came out. What I've been finding is a bunch of greatest hits stuff, and that's no help. My friend found a single that says it was released in 1999, but that seems a little.. Recent. Help would be much appreciated, just please try not to laugh too hard at me. :P

ankewehner solved it.

Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and NYC Parking garages, upscale/downscale neighbourhoods

This really is confirming a few facts.

I need parking garages --multi level ones-- in either upscale or shabby wealthy neighbourhoods in the three cities listed in the subject line:

For Miami, Florida I have the Terremark Centre which, from what I can gather is attached to the SBS Tower.

Now, is this in an upper scale business area right? If it isn't could you give me a name/cross street?

For Vegas, I've got Ameripark, which I am assuming is on the Strip right? And hence is in a high profile area? If not, any garage on, or just off the strip will do.

For New York City, I need something a bit more specific. I need a parking garage near an upscale area with antique dealers. Preferably one near antique/art dealers that is frequented by the uppercrust and the antique dealers themselves.


--Fifty points to the person who figures out my crackfic fandoms.

Freezing Jellyfish

Slightly odd question from a long-time lurker.
I have a character who is about to be running amuck in an experimental biology lab.
What happens if you freeze a jellyfish, and what would happen if you throw or drop that frozen jellyfish?
Would it shatter?

Sorry about the lack of tags; I can't seem to make them work.

EDIT: Thanks for all the answers and suggestions! You guys are great.

Abortion bleeding

Is a clinical abortion commonly followed by a lochia? 2-months, vaccuumy sort, because I'm sure that'd make a difference. If so, approximately how long?

(Lochia= 2-4 week period of bleeding following giving birth.)