December 17th, 2005

Cool by Becky Boo
  • trepkos

Immobilised but conscious

Is there a serious injury that could be inflicted quickly by a very strong but unarmed person, which would leave another person unable to stand but still conscious and capable of speech, and of moving his arms immediately after being injured?

ETA: Thanks all - I'm going with the thigh and the kneecap!

Fashion Fads and Styles over the Years.

So, I was looking for 1920s and up fashions as a means to narrow down some timelines in one of my fandoms. I came across this site and thought others might find it interesting too.

It's main focus is women's fashions and only goes back to about 1800, but it does have links to other resources and also focuses on jewellery, make-up, and underwear.
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