December 16th, 2005


medical questions. lots and lots of medical questions.

A criminal is shot while committing a crime. His buddies can't take him to the hospital without getting arrested, and they're loyal enough not to simply leave him somewhere and call an ambulance from a payphone.

Instead, they kidnap a doctor outside the hospital he works at. They break into a clinic/doctor's office that's closed for the night, and force the doctor to treat him using the supplies/equipment the clinic has on hand.

Here are my questions:

The criminal was shot by a police issue 9mm handgun. (a)Where could the bullet have hit that would be serious enough to concern his buddies, but not so serious that the kidnapped doctor can't save him? (b)Depending on the location you suggest, would he be conscious or unconscious? (c)If the bullet is lodged inside the guy, would the doctor be able to remove it using the supplies/equipment of the clinic, or would it be safer to leave it in? (d) If the clinic has an x-ray machine, would it help the doctor to get an x-ray of the injury?

(a)What kind of clinic would you suggest? A regular, general treatment place, a plastic surgeon's office, someplace else? What would be interesting but still provide the stuff the doctor needs to save the criminal's life? (b)What kind of stuff does a general clinic/plastic surgeon's outpatient office/etc have on hand? Gauze and Betadine, I suppose, but what about stuff like painkillers, antibiotics, surgical equipment? An x-ray machine?

Upon being presented with a gunshot victim, would he check the guy's pulse first & make sure the guy's buddies had stunted the flow of blood successfully? Based on the damage caused, what would the guy's condition sound like in MD-speak. Would the doctor be thinking to himself that the "pulse was thready" or "weak" or...? If the guy's skin was cool, would he just think "cool skin" or would some technical term come to mind?

I'd be grateful for whatever help you guys can provide. Thanks!
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Foster care system and pregnancy

So, the situation in my story is that a fifteen-year-old girl is in a foster home in London, around 1995-1996, and she gets pregnant. Problem is, I have no idea what would happen to her after she's had the baby - would she get a council flat? (She's 16 when the baby's born.) What would happen to her as regards the foster care system over the course of her pregnancy and after the baby is born?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer. :)