December 13th, 2005

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Southwark and London shopping/streets...

Okay...hallo. I seem to be here a lot lately!

I'm using this map, which i hope everyone can see. It's of the Southwark neighborhood, specifically around Southwark Cathedral. I'm looking for a place where someone could live, hopefully within sight of the river. It's hard to tell from this map - is there residential near the river, or mostly warehouse kind of stuff? Either is good, I'd just like to know. Living near either bridge would be fun, too.

Now for part two!
If you were shopping at Christmas in London, what are the main shopping streets? The places where 'everyone' would go? And would they be within a reasonable walking distance of this Southwark neighborhood or much too far away, cab needed?

Thank you all so much!

Indians in Britain

Does anyone know what the Indian culture is like in England or what it's like growing up there? I've been trying to find some perspective, but all I can find is Bend it like Beckham. I'm writing an Indian character and I just want some idea of what her home life is like.

Edit: Since people have asked for a few more details, the location is probably a suburb of London. Her parents are from England originally or came over as small children. She has a sister, three aunts and their families, and her grandparents. She is Hindu and religious, though not overly so.

Russian nickname ?

Quick question for a novel I'm writing, set in early 20th century St Petersbug...

What is the Russian nickname/pet form of Felix?

Was tempted to shorten it as a westerner would (ie. Fee) but that didn't seem right, really want authenticity. My character is teasingly called Fifi (he's slighly effimate and the family have French connections) by some old/close friends, still that wouldn't be right in the context I intend. Am hoping for something very common/standard (on a par with Sasha for Alexander).

You have no idea how long this has been bugging me, have researched a fair few places but not found any answer. For some reason Felix is left off all the main lists of Russian nicknames, at least that I've come across.

Ochen Spaseeba :)
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Rainbow Valley, Littlerock, WA

I need to ask a few questions (for a Spike/Drusilla fic set in Western Washington in 1993) about the scene at Rainbow Valley in the early nineties. I don't need to know more about Gideon's legal troubles or his pro-marijuana activism (which I've known about since the Dinosaur Party days anyway); what I'm looking for is an understanding of how many people attended a rock concert there, how many were living there more or less permanently, how many/what kind of bands performed.

I've asked my friends but they all had settled down and had kids by then; my relatives stopped hanging out with Gideon the first time he got a bunch of people busted. Google gets me the stuff that I already know, along with a hand full of dead links to personal sites.

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Mobile 'cellular'? phones in the USA

Over here in Britain, we can pay for mobile phones in two basic ways - with a contract, where we get a bill for service charges and usage every month, or 'pay as you go' where we buy the telephone up front, and pay to top up the usage whenever we like.

Does the same apply in the USA in the current day (OK - to be precise 6 months ago)?

How much would it cost a character to get hold of a very basic phone and how quickly could it be up and running? Are there any paperwork / registration requirements or could someone walk in with a handful of cash, and walk out with a useable phone? What would it cost?

I'm aware of gadgets to bypass waiting for a phone battery to be charged - I'm working on the assumption that they can be found in the USA. What I'm more interested in is any administrative requirements.

Edited - Thanks all - I just needed to check the basic outline that a 'pay-as-you-go' 'pay in advance' type of approach exists over there as well. Any further comments about terminology or costs for that approach would be welcome.