December 10th, 2005

Ocean -- by Victoria P.

Used car prices in the mid-90s

So I have a character in the US, around 1996, looking throught the classified ads in the paper for used sports cars.  He sees an ad for a Corvette Stingray from the late 70's or early 80's, in working condition but needing body work and other repairs.  How much would such a car be advertised for back then?  I can find listings for current prices, but nothing from ten years back.
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coconuts as ammo for a cannon

Hello, this my first post here, though I've been lurking for a while now.

I'm writing a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic, and I'd like to include a scene where (for reasons I won't go into here) some characters run out of shot for their cannon, and have to use an abundant supply of coconuts as ammo instead.
I'm just not sure how feasible this is.
Would the force of a cannon shatter a coconut? And if the coconut does shatter, would the coconut juice prevent the cannon from being reused right away? I know cannons get cleaned out after every shot, and they do get used on the high seas (where you'd presume there's a lot of moisture), so is cleaning going to be enough to remove the coconut juice? What would happen if the coconut juice is a problem, and you try to fire the next shot anyway?
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Bullet sounds on Ceramics and Metal

What's the sound a bullet makes when it strikes metal? What about when it strikes ceramics? Futuristic superstrong ceramic armor?

Comicbook sounds, anything?

Because I have a character (a robot. :3) that is going to meet a lot of those. Bullets, that is.

How about the sound a biological monster's claw makes when it smacks into said metal/ceramics? Claws, tentacles, that sort of thing.

PS: I do not seem to be able to add in comm tags :7

Sonic Booms

Hey guys,
Do you know what a sonic boom (specifically from the a firing gun) sounds like? The sound of a gun is usally three things: the explosion of the propellant, the actions of the gun, and the sonic boom (if the projectile breaks the sound barrier).

I'm looking for what an object accelerated faster than the speed of sound by a railgun would sound like as the object passes by.
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British game played with flattened sticks and a ball?

Hm ... I don't have a lot to help out. I'm looking for what I belive is a british (or possibly european) game that is played with somewhat flattened sticks - the ball hit with it. The game is an outdoors one (lots of mud in the dim memories I have).

Anyone know what this game is? And, in particular it's name so I can search properly for it?

EDIT: Excellent! Thank you, everyone. It's Cricket (played with a straight, slightly flattened 'cricket bat'), which should be played on a rolled, flattened field or alternativey, field hockey (played in fields with a curved stick similar but not identical to ice hockey sticks) a more casual game and 'muddy' is a frequent vistor to field hockey.

While I was originally thinking of cricket, I think that field hockey will actually work better for my story - so everyone was right! Yay!
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African food question

Could anybody gives me an idea of what Soumbala smells or tastes like?

My sources agree to say it has a "strong" smell, but nothing more.

Would biting straight, undiluted soumbala be bad enough that it could cause one to retch?

Also, my sources contradict as to whether it is easy to conserve or not. Can someone help?
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