December 9th, 2005


Woodcarving and hull design

Using hand tools and no machinery whatsoever, what tools and/or methods would one use to hollow out a piece of wood, such as the hull of a model ship? (Woodturning doesn't count, unless you mean with a turning bow.) Or, alternatively, how would one cobble separate pieces of wood together to form that hull?

ETA: Thank you all VERY MUCH, it's just what I needed to know.
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Jokes about villains

I don't know if this is technically the right place to ask for help on this, but I can only try:

The guy who plays our panto villain is going on the radio and needs some terrible bad-guy jokes to tell. Specifically, he's the bad guy in Aladdin. So, does anyone know any jokes about bad people, evil, demons, vampires, ghosts, monsters etc etc? All help is much appreciated...
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coma recovery?

Hi, everybody. I've tried google but for some reason a lot of the results for "atrophy" and "prolonged immobilization" are coming up with the exact same stuff, which isn't helping, so...

Setting is semi-dytopia, with a fair amount of regular old medical stuff (IVs, etc) but none of the really fancy brain scanning/specialty stuff like that.

We have a character that was in a coma/vegatative state for 3 to 4 months, and recently woke up. Besides the sensory confusion, inability to stay awake long, etc etc mental stuff... What kind of muscle atrophy would we be looking at? How weak would he be? What kind of excercises and therapy would the doctor reccomend, and how long would it take to regain various functions (especially stuff like sitting up, walking, etc)?

(If it helps, the coma was caused by a head injury and he was previously in really good shape, 20 years old.)


Hospital Stuff

So, I have a majorish character in a hospital after something large bit a chunk out of his outer upper thigh. Flesh is missing down to the bone for a good section of said thigh, but the bone itself isn't broken.

How long would he have to stay in the hospital, at the very minimum? And would there be surgery involved?