December 5th, 2005

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Cartholic priests & domestic abuse conceling

So... I have a priest in my story, which is set in modern day, and I want him to have spent the last 30 years or so in the smae parish. I know that nowadays that is extremely unlikely since they rotate priests, but I figured that if he knows and can influence the person in charge of the rotation in the area (in this case, Los Angeles) he could manage to slip under the radar. Who would the person he needs to influence be?

Now, the priest will end up giving advice to someone about domestic abuse. Namely, my MC, Rafe, cofesses that he hit his pregnant wife-to-be and is pretty much begging for divine guidance because he loves her more than life and wants to never do it again - actually hitting her made him realize that he was being an abusive jerk and shook him out of the "I am not abusing her since I am not hitting her" denial. Now, what I need to find out, is that what sort of advice would the priest give him? What Bible passages would he recommend? What, in general, sort of advice a Catholic priest would give that differs from "norrmal" advice/therapy to abusive idiots who wnat to change?
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Police holding small children

I have a story in which a nineteen-year-old boy was arrested on a fairly serious charge of tresspassing (there's a system whereby you need an authorization card to go certain places, and he didn't have one). He was carrying his two-year-old sister on his back. My question is, what would the police do with the child? I assume that the parents would be found and she would be returned to them, but where would they put her in the meantime? In a holding cell? With her brother?

ETA: *slaps self* I can't believe I forgot this. The story is set in a made-up world, but the legal system is based on the US (since it's science fiction, I have a little bit of leeway, but I'd like to keep it as accurate as possible).

amateur astronomy

I have a couple of characters who are camping, in early autumn, and one of them has brought along a telescope - will do some 'star hopping', showing the other a few of the wonders of the skies. Naturally the story doesn't stay there :-) but I need the set-up!

I've used wikipedia and found links on telescopes, amateur astronomy and star-hopping. I also have my own field guide to the stars, so I know what constellations are in the sky in early October, and what celestial objects (Andromeda Galaxy, a famous double star, Pleiades).

I'm assuming for my purposes that the moon won't come out until very late, so... I know all about constellation charts, but how would the astronomy buff know what planets are visible, at what time? A monthly gazeteer of planet motions! like an almanac, or somewhere online that I don't know about? The other guy might ask how the heck he knows all this, and I want to give him an answer. :-)

I'm thinking Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Is it plausible for fictional purposes that all three of them would be in the sky (at a particular latitude) at the same hour, or would it be more realistic for a comment to be made, 'and so-and-so will rise later tonight. '

He'll have a tripod, that's important. Is there anything else to worry about? No problem with light pollution here.

Thanks in advance.

ETA: thanks for all your input!
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Signs of fear in bottlenose dolphins?

So, I'm writing fanfics for a sci-fi game series that revolves around sapient cetaceans. Does anyone know what wild bottlenose dolphins do when they're scared or alarmed? Agitated movements and sounds make logical sense to me, but I'm specifically wondering whether or not the whites of their eyes show, like with many other mammals who don't normally have any visible whites. Any info would be very cool; thanks in advance!

Destruction God Names

So I'm working on this project that borrows a bit from a mix of mythologies. Mostly Greek and Norse because I don't know much about other mythos. Stuff like there randomly being a Mount Olympus and a Styx River and the Angel Kingdom being called Valhalla while the Demon Kingdom is called Nifleheim. It's kind of a non-serious thing, think Nippon-Ichi games.

Anyway, there's this place called Event Horizon, the end of the world, where the final events of the story unfold. And there's a dragon floating at the Event Horizon, tentatively titled Fenrir, the Dragon Sleeping at the End of the World.

This dragon is...kind of a god of destruction, so I wanted to use the name of a God of Destruction for it. Fenrir was the closest I could come up with, aside from Shiva. I don't want to use Shiva, though he IS technically THE God of Destruction, because it has too many connotations, especially for game fans (almost naked ice woman, anybody?)

So my question is... Do you know the names of any gods of destruction that fit nicely in the title of Dragon Sleeping at the End of the World? I'll take any mythology you feel like throwing at me.

Also, sidenote, does anybody know the phrase for "Radiant Wolf" in Spanish? As in the title of my demonslayer, Ymaciel the Radiant Wolf?