November 25th, 2005

Rules, if any, for showgirls/dance hall girls, France, 18th Century

For the record, Google can be evil at times because no matter what I put in, I'm having trouble with this. But always glad to come here when I'm desperate and left in the dark.

Writing a B&B fanfic, call it a prequel or spinoff to another one of my stories. Majority of future action will take place in a Parisian dance hall, a la more tame Moulin Rouge sorta thing. The girls are there to entertain, but not necessarily sleep around. It's not a hooker joint. It's basically their call, not required.

However, would there be any "hush hush rules" for this sort of thing, made by the owner/proprietress? Like...a girl could sleep with someone for a bit of pocket change, BUT etc etc? If such a thing did exist, then what were they; if not, what could they be? Le Fleur Noir is a classy little place, after all, LOL =)

This and/or any other important info to know would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for help!


So I'm poisoning a character. My google-fu has failed me. I need something that looks similar to a heart attack and can be ingested in a glass of milk.

Starbucks love

High Season in London.

For my Nano cuase it's now crunch time!

Can someone please tell me when the High Social Season in London starts and some of the major events that someone who moved in those circles would attend? Which event would the Queen be in attendence beside Royal Ascot.
What is the Birthday Honours List?

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