November 24th, 2005

Historical resources!

Hi again, everyone. You've all been wonderful in helping me, so I thought I'd offer up a useful link for the community. This site (maintained by Killa), is a huge collection of links to historical resources, sorted by era and area of interest. (For example, there's a special section for pirates.) Those of you who're interested in writing historical fiction are likely to find this site useful.

Lengthy ponderings about a 'pirate ship'

Hi everybody :)
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Don't be suprised to hear a lot from me, I've several projects on the go.

Just today I got inspired to write an AU story for my favourite fandom. The main characters will become the crew of a priate ship. Well they aren't strictly pirates. In the original fandom they are an international military organisation answerable only to the world president (it's futuristic). So for the AU I imagine them as a band slightly unoffical independant 'soldiers'/bounty hunters who will work for pretty much whichever official type will pay up. (think Firefly, Han Solo etc)
For my plot they are dispatched by a governer of a British colony to rescue his daughter for a band evil pirates.

* Not exactly sure on the time period I'll be using, whenever pirating was at it's peak I guess (can't recall when that was though; late 18th/early 19th century?).

* How big a ship would they have?
Assuming they only have the 12 main characters, and just enough crew to keep going (so about 50 people in total, maybe). They definetly need a deck with quaters for everyone, a 'gun deck' (somewhere with cannons), and a surgery for the ship's doctor. Everything else necessary can be thrown in too of course.
I'm going with the premise that the ships captain had been in the navy, then bought a ship and struck out on his own. So it could well by an ex-navy vessel.

* Speaking of gun deck, what kind of cannons would be easy to acquire (my people have connections) and maintain. How would they get hold of cannon balls etc (black market?) Would the crew need some sort of training to operate them?

* Does anyone have some really good websites I could check out for general stuff about prirates, the British navy, British colones etc around then? Will google of course, just wondered if there were any special recommendations.

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Cursing in a multilingual land

If a modern-day Belgian in her mid-twenties drops a griddle on her foot and spills a bowl of warm waffle batter on her shirt, what curse words would she be most likely to scream?

{edited to add: thank you all for saving me from horrible embarrassment, because I had the poor girl consulting an English-German dictionary to get her through the recipe! The proper changes have been made; I'll be posting to fanfic100 on Tuesday, and I'll provide a link then. And now I'm going to go geek out on multilingual, because I can.}