November 21st, 2005

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"someone to protect" - term in Japanese?

I'll ask here because this is an anime-related question more than linguistics. Dozens of anime series over the decades come back to this as a key motivation -- the hero finds "someone to protect" which leads to a turning point and/or a new source of strength. Dubs of all kinds translate it that way exactly. It's not always a question of belonging, family, noblesse oblige, or duty to a group either. They might not even know or like that someone. It doesn't quite fit in with what little I know about samurai virtues, and (at least in recent anime) the declaration's not limited to one gender.

Is there a term for this? Or a discussion of that trope?
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ink blotters!

Okay so i am (still) working on a high fantasy piece and i've done a bit of cursory reserch on wrting implements and eyegtglasses. ( believe it or not eyeglasses have been around since 1000CE!!) this is the question
in the era betwee 1200 and 1500( ish) would they have had ink blotters or some other techique to prevent smudging if so what woudl it have been?
I've done a litte googgleing and havent had the best of luck.
thank you
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British police procedure circa 1980

The scenario: London, late 1970s/early 1980s. A guy breaks into a home, intending to rob it. The homeowner catches him in the act, knocks him unconscious, and calls police.

1. How many police officers are likely to show up? One car with two cops in it, or a whole bunch of cars? Is it conceivable that the cops will drive up quietly, assuming that it's a ritzy upper-class neighborhood? or will they come roaring in with lights ablaze and sirens screaming?

2. If the homeowner says he doesn't want to press charges, will the burglar still be brought to trial?
2a. if so, will the homeowner be required to testify?
2b. Approx. how much time will elapse between the incident and the start of the trial?
2c. What is the sentence likely to be, assuming that the burglar has no priors?

3. If the homeowner is wealthy and influential enough, is it conceivable that he can convince/bribe the cops to make the whole thing go away? No trial, no police record of the incident, no official report -- he just wants the cops to remove the unconscious burglar from the home and then pretend the whole thing never happened. Feasible?
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