November 17th, 2005


Treating after a whipping

I've searched around, google, wiki, and everything, but nowhere can I find what people had done to recover from a whipping.

Info/suggestions, please?

The character in question's average-size-and-build male, about thirty, and has recieved 50 lashes (public, and the extent of damage is pretty bad, though he can walk, supportedETA: Walking is done perhaps 7 hours after the event) He, and the others with him, will need to do some Getting Away From Pursuers, however. Technology level: lenient 1700s or so.

1) How would one treat such a wound?

2) How much time would one need to recover enough to walk some three-five miles (breaks are a yes, magic is a no)?

3) Other info?
Samurai Kitty

Ancient Chinese Priests and Fashion

I have hit a dead end. I'm focusing on the T'ang and Song Dynasties of China.

Priest Part
I'm trying to find out about Chinese Priests and Priestesses and what they wore, hair styles and such. What were they allowed to do, could they have a spouse/lover? Did they use weapons? How about the male and female roles.
What was specifically forbidden to priests/priestesses?
Can you suggest book titles, websites?

Fashion Part
Can anyone point me to a resource for what the clothing looked like in the T'ang and Song Dynasties(I want a broad selection, all I have been able to find have been small bits and pieces so far) for the common people, middle class, nobility and lastly, royalty? This includes hair styles, accessories, hats shoes, head dress...

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.
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