November 14th, 2005

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Hiding Jews during WWII?

Hi guys. Long time viewer, first time caller...

I've looked around google and Wikipedia decided to drop dead on me a moment ago, so I wanted to ask here. Does anyone know good reference sites for information regarding the people who actively hid Jewish families during Hitler's invasions?

To be honest, I can't find ANY good WWII resourse websites, but I'm sure I'm just blanking on my searches.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Eyes Open After Death?

My two main characters have been in a car accident that was a collosion with the back of a larger car. One character is dead, not having a seatbelt on at impact and has been thrown out of the car onto the smashed hood of the truck. My problem is that he has died with his eyes open and I'm unsure whether character 2 would be able to close his eyes. In shows we often see that the eyes can be closed by pulling down the lids, however I also read a book once that stated in victorian time pennies where used to weight down eyelids of people who'd died with their eyes open. I can't find a site that states eyelids would be affected by rigor mortis. The character in question has been dead for only an hour or so when the second character comes around.

P.S. Does anyone know of a comprehensive site about how the body is affected at different speeds during car wrecks? All I can find is statistics.
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More questions about Viking sea journeys

How far can the average human being see at sea? Say my hero stands on board a Viking ship. At what distance would he be able to spot land? Or another ship? (Assuming the weather is clear)

I know the Vikings didn't cook aboard their ships. But what about cold rations? Did the captain or boat owner buy all the rations or did everybody bring and eat his own? What about alcohol rations?

Also did the Vikings sail at night when they had to cross larger bodies of water and couldn't anchor near protective shores? In shifts?

With the fairly simple sail that these boats had I am assuming that unless the crew were rowing they didn't have a lot to do. Is that correct?
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Throwing people off trains

Yep, you read that header correctly!

My heroine needs to throw someone off a Swedish train. I'm guessing they are not that different from trains all over the world. Could someone strong open an exit door on a train while it was in motion? Most train doors are hydraulical, which makes that very difficult. I accept that. Would it actually be impossible if you were very very strong?
And if it is really impossible, does anyone have brilliant suggestions how else to get that body off the train? Windows are usually too small on trains, but maybe in the toilet?

Believe me if I say I can't Google this!
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religious quote

Hello there - long time, first time, you know the drill :)

So in my surrealist God-does-not-exist piece, I want to reference the quote "Proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing." I first read it in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so all attempts to Google it lead back to Hitchhiker or religious arguments that don't actually cite anything - does anyone know a chapter/verse on it?

Thanks, and I'll get back to you the first time someone asks a question I actually know the answer to ;)

ETA: Precisely what I was afraid of: not a direct Bible quote. So does anyone know where this particular quote came from, since it seems to show up more often than just Hitchhiker? Or is everyone ripping off Douglas Adams's genius? Also: anyone think I can make it carry the same weight in a religious themed story if I'm referencing sci-fi and not, you know...the Bible?

ETA 2: Ack, subject line - sorry!
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Law in Britain Relating to Spousal Abuse

I have a character in my story who got in to a physical fight with his wife. There wasn't a previous history of this kind of thing in the relationship (although it was rocky). My character hit his wife a few times and she went to hospital for treatment, although there were no lasting injuries; and during the fight the wife destroyed a few of their possessions. The police were called about their argument, but I'm not quite sure where to go from there.

For the purposes of my story, I need there to be some kind of legal ramification of their actions - an arrest would be nice, and a fine/prison sentence is optional (although I'm not sure if they would be given prison time for something that only happened once). After the fight the wife is more concerned with getting her husband in legal trouble out of spite than anything else, so would it be possible for her to obtain a restraining order against him? Also, if anyone could point me in the direction of a website that would explain restraining orders in England (simply), that would be fantastic - I suppose what I'm looking for is a kind of fact sheet; my Google skills are failing me here.