November 12th, 2005


Describing a soccer match

This is probably on Google somewhere, but either my search terms aren't specific enough, or I'm just too thick to know what to search for. Anyway...

I love soccer, but it's been a long time since I've sat down and watched a match. And I have a chapter of my Harry Potter fan fiction coming up that includes a match of a game called Powerball, which is soccer with some modifications (those modifications being the usage of magic onfield). The thing is, I have no idea how a spectator and/or a player would describe the action. If it helps, the ages of the players range from twelve to eighteen. I already have some basic knowledge of the sport, and have a couple of rulebooks on my computer. So if any of you wonderful people out there can help me in some way, I would be eternally grateful. My thanks to you all in advance.
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Dealing with someone's "affairs"

When someone dies, how does a person get their affairs in order? I've just killed off two characters in my Nano and I need to know what the two MCs that are the primary handlers of their estate (or whatever they're called) need to do to get their affairs in order, as it were. The funeral, the burial, the dealing with thier stuff and finances, and the like. I've had people in my family die, but I've never actually had to deal with the financial/personal aftereffects.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Also, what's the procedure for identifying a body, like at a hospital?
EDIT2: And this is set in the US, modern day, Seattle Area.

Symbols of Fertility Gods/Goddesses/etc.

Need imagery typically associated with fertility figures from mythology (any is good, but common ones preferred). Character in question is an alien with some experience with humanity (mostly in visual art), and he has just encountered a being who is deliberately reaching into his mind to pluck out what he associates with that, especially if its positive. I have what his own culture tells him as a base, but I want other details to throw in.
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