November 11th, 2005

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Martian geology & MOD NOTE

Unless I'm remembering things wrong, most planetary scientists used to accept that Mars' geological features couldn't have gotten so huge if Mars had had plate tectonics. Evidence of plate tectonics has been found in recent years, though.

Does anyone know the current theories about why the features are so huge? And about how widely it's believed that Mars did have plate tectonics?

Edit: Thanks, guys. That helps a lot!

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You may have noticed that the tags have changed a bit. This is because I, genius, somehow managed to delete them all while tagging old posts, and had to start from scratch (I'm still in February).

I'm going to change tag permissions so only maintainers can tag posts until I've got it all sorted out.
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learning to be left-handed

If a right-handed person lost the use of his right hand, how long would it take him to learn to write legibly with his left? I've Googled "learn to be ambidextrous" and some similar things. They all have some good advice on how to learn, but not really much about how long it takes.

I once tried writing with my left hand exclusively for a week and saw almost no improvement, so I'm guessing it probably takes a while. How long are we talking here? Weeks? Months? Years?

bottled water in England

In the US, you can buy gallon jugs of water that look like this. Would you be able to buy something similar in a small-ish London supermarket? Would you call it a jug? How much water would it contain?

Edit: Thanks for your suggestions! A few 1-2 liter bottles seems to be my best bet.
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After a Funeral

What would one call it when people get together after a funeral? Reception seems too have a positive connotation that doesn't sound right for post-funeral. If it helps, the people are going back to the house of the man that died.