November 4th, 2005

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1800s literature on acting

Hi, I've been doing a lot of research for my book lately, and I read somewhere that books were printed in (I want to say) the early 1800s on acting because it was just becoming known as an art. I'm not wholy sure on that information though. And anyway, I've searched the books I have cover to cover, and I can't find where I read it.

I really just want to find a book or references to maybe a few books that were 'published' in the early 1800s to teach people how to act.

Also just for reference I have five books I've been using:

-London the Biography by Peter Ackroyd
-The Writers guide to everyday life in the 1800s by Marc McCutcheon
-History of Theater by Neil Grant
-Everyday life in Regency and Victorian England by Kristine Hughes
-Victorian England by Clarice Swisher.

Thanks for any help. :)
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Cultural quirks, customs and taboos in Karnataka (India)

Hello, I am writing a fanfiction about an Anglican Englishwoman whose mother was one of Tippoo Sahib’s descendants and is visiting her uncles during summer of 2000. The uncles are living in Bangalore, Karnataka and there is tension about the nationality of the said lady. However they seek to charm her to gain political influence...

My doubts are if there is any celebration she will be taken (of the zone), sights, customs/traditions/religion ceremony she may be introduced/taken to as protocol (because they work in the government) and which ones would be taboo issues to touch by her? The last one would be very appreciated especially for the dynamic.

Ah, she also comes with an European type of vampire. What would be forbidden to him to accompany the woman? Thanks in advance.
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Military Academy Resource

I found this when wandering around the 'net. The poster had actually gone to a military academy and so broke down quite a few of the basics for the untrained newbie. It was written with the Stargate: Atlantis fandom in mind, but anyone who's character or fandom has some military links would fin this interesting.

Also included in the post are some reference book and website links.
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Ballroom Dancing Question.

My knowledge of dance ends at the Euphrates, and my understanding of partnered dance is so meager I lack the proper vocabulary to even Google it properly.

Is it possible, in Western ballroom dancing, to . . . I don't know the word, obviously. If you were dancing with someone vaguely competent, but not as competent as you, and wanted to keep them from looking bad, could you . . . lead from underneath? Lead without looking like you're leading, so that nobody watching could tell?

How would it look to someone watching for little details?

How would it feel to the person being led?

Please forgive my apalling ignorance.
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Christmas Lights

I've tried Google, tried Wikipedia (although admittedly, I realise there was only a faint hope of the answer being there), but nothing has come up for this one.

So would someone be able to give me a rough idea of when the holiday lights are hung in American towns and such, as well as when they're switched on? I realise that this will probably differ from place to place, but the thing is, the town in question isn't actually, er, real. But...! If it helps at all, my non-existant area isn't anywhere near city-esque, but rather, a fairly populated, large town, and if I were to take a stab at where it'd be if it were real, I'd say it'd be on the east side of the US... think PA area.

My apologies for the vagueness and terrible phrasing - it's far too late for coherency and coffee is doing funny things to my head. Bleh.

Anywho... any answers would be appreciated. Cheers. :)