October 31st, 2005

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14th, 15th, 16th century theater

Hi, I'm writing a book from the point of view of a 15 year old boy, who works in London back in another century, and he plays mostly female parts, and I can't find any information on this subject on the internet. Does anyone know where I can find information, general and detailed on 14th, 15th, and 16th century types of plays? As well as information on boys playing girls, and how everything worked?

Is there maybe a place I can get this information?

Thanks for any help! :D
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Modern History of Surgery - US/UK

The story is set in the mid-1980's in the UK. I have a character - male, mid thirties, very fit and active - and I need him to sustain an injury which severely incapacitates him. Also the treatment for this injury needs to involve pioneering surgery that's not available in the UK, but would be at great expense in the US. My initial thoughts were some kind of eye injury, or ligament damage, but despite my attempts to track down dates and comparisons, I'm not having much luck.

Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions of any injury, or even illness.

Reference books for historical everyday life

Liza Picard has written a series of books on life in London throughout history. I've read the first one all the way through, I've got the second one, and I haven't seen the later ones yet.

Elizabeth's London - 16th century
Restoration London - 17th century
Dr. Johnson's London - mid-18th century
Victorian London - late 18th century

They're about the lifestyles of regular people as opposed to royalty (some of that information must have been hard to track down for the earlier books), and they cover topics like birth and death, medicine, food and drink, entertainment, architecture, transportation and the layout of the city, education, politics, social structures, and a lot of other stuff I can't remember at the moment.

They're interesting if you want to know about London specifically, but they're also really good for getting a picture of what life would be like in an era with less advanced technology than our own.
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Renaissance conspiracy-theorist bait other than Leonardo Da Vinci?

A certain piece of fiction I am about to write will feature a satire on the person of Dan Brown, and I need a fictional title of his bestselling novel. The problem is, I'm missing a Da Vinci-equivalent.

I'm not that much up to date on my conspiracy theories - is there anyone in the loosely defined Renaissance period, apart from the much-abused Christian Rosenkreuz, who could be a focus of a conspiracy theory book on the lines of The Da Vinci Code?
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South Africa in the 1980's.

I've tried googling several different phrases, but I'm having no luck.

I'm writing a story based on a character who has moved from District Six to Cape Town because of apartheid. It's set in the 1980's.

Basically, what I'm trying to find out is if there was some sort of staple, or popular, meal, the type of place young black people would meet, what this kind of place might be called, and popular slang.

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Medicines that kill quickly if taken by the wrong person

EDIT: No more help needed. Thanks!
My story involves a woman who is bipolar and desperately needs her medicine to ease her out of a manic state. Another person goes to retrieve her medicine but picks up the wrong bottle, and the bipolar woman takes the wrong pills. I want her to die almost immediately so that everyone around can see her die and see who gave her the pills. What kind of medicine will do that? This story is set in modern times, but on a desert island where there are no stomach pumps or anything to stop this woman from dying.

Prompt help is appreciated. Thank you all so much!
No more answers are needed.
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