October 30th, 2005

"Fake death pills"

Pardon my stupidity here, but... Juliet takes a poison that makes her look and feel like she's dead. The player character in MGS3 has a similar item. I'm assuming there is a substance that really does this. What is its proper name and, when used, just how convincing is the illusion of death?
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pre-1600 snapshot - Shimazu and Mori in Satsuma province, Japan

I'm trying to pin down historical details for a Japanese character born in 1551 (likely the modern day Kagoshima Prefecture.) He is removed from that timeline at most 17 years after his birth. Eighteen at the most, fifteen at the least in my estimation. Typically for this fandom, he was probably already a veteran fighter by this time. The thing is... that's all you know. It's hard to write specific reminiscences for that area, at that exact time.

I'm hoping to find out about relations, if any, between the local Shimazu clan and the Mori. Plus basic martial details. What was the battle of the moment? How organized and how large were the Shimazu armies? I've got a list of campaigns against local clans (mostly too early) and too many hits for the Battle of Sekigahara (too late). Not to mention guns, cannon, the Jesuits, trade with the Chinese and the Ryuku Kingdom. Is there some event I can look up that would clarify details specific to that time period?
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