October 29th, 2005

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MOD POST: overhauling tags

I'm in the process of splitting our larger tags into more specific tags, to make searching the tagged posts easier. So far there are only three new tags:


Those seem to be the most frequent types of questions that have so far been filed under "injuries and illnesses".

If you have suggestions for new tags, please leave a comment. I could use your input. The goal at the moment is to create tags that are more specific, but not so specific that only two posts in the entire community apply.

Other ideas I've had (not yet implemented):

* Splitting weapons into "firearms" and "misc weapons"
* Adding a separate category for questions about the geography/culture of britain and the geography/culture of the US
* A "travel" category
* A "names" category
* A "historical medicine" category
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Military questions

This could be a bit general, but I hope to get my question answered instead of recieving something akin to war stories on Google. --;

Thing is, I'm writing a story revolving around a war for NaNoWriMo. What I'd like to know is, what are the exact order of positions in the military and what benefits do they have? If you're a general, what privileges would you have, etc.? A basic list would be helpful.

Also, should you be labeled as a traitor to one side of a war, what would be the possible consequences, from worst (I would assume death) to the least worst?

Last question: If you are a colonel or something higher in the military, and is to be a hostage for the other side, what would the course of action be? Would a meeting take place to get the colonel back? Or what?

^^ Thanks.

ETA: To be more specific, the time period I would be going for would be some sort of a Middle English era, I suppose. Since my story is fantasy, there would be a few modren bits thrown in (such as guns, and low-tech computers. When I say low-tech computers I mean computers without Internet, or AOL, or anything else. I'd say computers dating before the 1990's.)

Name this doo-hickey...

Hours of image searching finally turned up a picture of this thing that people will often keep on their desks... but I still can't think of what to call it other than "clicky ball desk thing". Largish image behind cut. I would love you forever if you tell me what it is called. Thanks.

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Chico, California

Years ago, I was hitchhiking in California and got a ride from someone who lived in Chico. I ended up hanging there for a few days. My friend lived in a trailer surrounded by bamboo, just off the main drag. We went out to a park, way outside the city for a picture. Actually, this was almost 30 years ago.

As a result of the poll I set up on my LJ, it looks like I will have to set the next section of my story in Chico. When I googled it, I realized that the Chico I remembered is probably not like the Chico of today. The park I remembered, Bidwell Park, now seems to be within the city itself.

Anyway - is there anyone who has been through Chico recently? Does it retain its own character or are there new housing developments ringing the city? Has the down town area retained its character? Are the malls drawing trade to the outskirts?

If anyone wants to vote in my poll, it's on my LJ. Maybe you can vote for "any place other than Elko."

Thanks in advance.
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Russian alcohol + Portuguese tourism

I have this RP character who went to Russia, and picked up some vodka to take back as a souvenir, sort of thing. My question is, what sort of brands are available there, and which ones carry certain connotations -- like, are there certain kinds that anyone not the equivalent of a frat boy would never buy, or what's considered more top-of-the-line, that kind of thing? (Pictures/sites for the products would be helpful too, if that's possible!)

edit: Erk, okay, pulling double-duty for this post. I also have to reference some sort of famous spot in Portugal; it's only one or two throwaway lines (like, "I went to ____ and the ____ was [adjective], as usual"), but even though I've been to a bunch of tourism sites I know those can often have little bearing on reality, so was wondering if I could get some input from firsthand travelers? Something from the Alentejo or north Portugal region and not in a very urban area, if possible. Am flexible on this, though.]