October 25th, 2005


Eye Appearance for the blind; Name suggestions

So there's this mage guy. He was uh, caught in a fight with another mage, who effectively blinded him by knocking his glasses off, and took the opportunity to fling a fireball square in his opponent's face. Said opponent was rescued from this fight before much beyond that had ensued, but he was hospitalized for some time and his lost battle resulted in a complete and permanent loss of vision.

My question, my good fellows, is what sort of effects would we see of his blindness? That is, how would he look different? Or would he at all? I don't mean facial scarring, they've got healing magic good enough to cover that kind of stuff, but they couldn't fix his eyes themselves. Would the iris retain its proper grey colour? Would they turn that strange milky blue shade you see so often for similar situations? White? Inquisitive minds need to know! Also, how would you scientifically explain such an ailment? Burned retinas? That's what I was thinking, but I'd like to confirm.

Also, I need a name for a villain. Currently, his name is Athanatos, which means "Holy Immortal" in Greek, which I suppose fits since he's trying to kill the "God" of Death to become immortal and claim godly powers (except this god is an angel and is only called a god because the two REAL gods are both out of commission and he's the last surviving angel. But that's beside the point). He's a mage, ice-based, and his clothing is vaguely Russian-themed. A little crazy, as much as is needed for a guy trying to kill the god of Death. I wanted something like "Endtimes" in a different language, but the translators I've tried give me nothing interesting. NOTHING!

I'll settle for Athanatos if I can't find anything else really nifty, but I'd like some suggestions from the populace, to get my creativity flowing if nothing else. Oh, uh, he already has a set in stone REAL name, and this name is his Mage name, which everyone knows him by. So...uh, don't be like the stupids that I ask IRL who are all "NAME HIM JACOB!" His name is Joshua, dammit, I'm not giving him Jacob as a Mage Name! >(

Any help on either thing is greatly appreciated. Love you all. Mwah.
Figure It Out

Traveling across US in a truck...

My characters are supposedly traveling across the US in a truck. It's not a rediculously big truck, but I want it big enough to warrent having a bunk in the cab. What kind of truck would that be? What could it do? How could it break?

Also, if anyone has little bits of knowledge about traveling in a truck, please help. I'm.... way out of my league here. How do truck weigh stations work? What do police to search a truck?
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