October 23rd, 2005

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Heavy Metal Poisoning question

Long time reader, first time researcher. Google and Wiki have failed me, so... Don't eat me...

The story I am writing has a main character who is an anthropomorphic raccoon.I bet I've lost you. Also, if you guess what fandom this is, you get a cookie. The story is set in modern times and, do to a freak accident, the character had to be hospitalized for heavy metal poisoning. I am curious to know what would be the most effective and fast acting type of heavy metal poisoning on any sort of animal. The only information I could get on heavy metal poisoning was the effects on humans. ^^;;

Thank you for any help in advance! :D

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Medical detail: Things that could and did go wrong with coffee in the 1870-80's.

Essentially, I need a poison you would add to coffee that would fell four grown men but leave a 16 year old girl alive if she didn't have as much.The poison needs to be "primitive", something that was used in the late 1800's to early 1900's . I also need symptoms, possible antidotes, etc. Preferably, as few bodily products as possible would be involved in the symptoms.

...Actually, just a list of good, archaic poisons would be great.

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Pictures of penises

Some of you might find this useful for sex scenes:

Erection Photos

It's not porn. Rather, it's a site for "research information on penile erections", with lots of photos of different types of penises. The information is a lot less skewed than one would find looking at pictures on porn sites. The "soft-hard" gallery is the only one I've looked at so far, though.

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poker in great britain.

Is poker as popular in great britain as it is in the states? For instance - do guy's poker nights exist over there? Do most people know how to play?
Also, if it is popular, are there any differences from american poker? I'm guessing there aren't any in the actual rules, but terms, customs, things like that?

edit: if it helps, the peolple that I want to be playing are all female, mostly teenagers, and mostly middle to upper class.
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handwritten pages = ? typed page

On average how many handwritten pages = 1 page typed? Or how many handwritten words on average are on a page?

My high school teachers used to tell me the number but now I've forgotten. :\ By average, I mean the things high school lit teachers would tell us. lol;;

EDIT: answered. thanks :)!
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Trees, plants, and fruits on a deserted island

EDIT: I don't need any help anymore. I got good answers. Thank you!
I tried searching for this on Wikipedia and Google, but all I got were botany-type explanations of how fruits are made and whatnot, leaving my question unanswered. So, I bring it to you good people, hoping to find some answers.

The story is set on a small Pacific island, maybe 2-3 hours from the northernmost Hawaiian island (Niihau). This island has a beach and a jungle. What kind of trees--aside from palm, of course--would grow there? What about plants? What kind of fruits would seem logical? I'm thinking mangoes, but there have to be other fruits around.

Thank you for any and all help!
EDIT: Thank you everyone! I don't need any more help.
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Aristocratic Eastern European last names?

I am looking for a maiden name for my character's mother, who married a prince of a small Monaco-like nation andsd is of vaguely Eastern European origin (I have yet to decide where exactly shee is from) and from one of those old families. Most of the name sites I have gone to don't have enough information on the names for me to use them, and, well, I would not want to make the mistake of giving the old-blood-aristocrat a peasatn-type last name. Would anyone have any suggestions?

Eastern European, in this case, would be the old Eastern Block - just abouyt everything eaast od Germany/Austria/Italy but north of former Yugoslavia (I am not trying to spell out any of those places without a map near me)and time this is set in is modern-day,but it is alternate history in any case so I could probably get off with lots of things. (Just no Romanovs)
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80's rock band genres

Hi, all. I spent some time looking through Wikipedia, but it's not really organized how I want it and I have NO idea what I'd put into google, so I figured I'd ask here! ^_^

Anyways, one of the characters in my story really likes The Smiths (and Morrissey's later stuff). I'm too young to remember the time period myself, but what other (don't have to be especially popular) bands would be from around the same time/have kind of the same groove going on? My knowledge of music is pretty weak, but I'm not usually so bad at searching, so anything (even a genre name besides "indie", which keeps bringing up modern stuff) would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!