October 13th, 2005

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Gangs of Chicago

Hey, wasn't that a movie at some point?

Anyhow, if a white teenager joined a gang on the South Side of Chicago in the late 80s or early 90s, which gang would he join? I have found copious references for the black, Latino and Asian gangs, but the white guys are apparently keeping a low profile on the internet. :-P
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Nicknames/addressing family members in Spanish

I'm trying to figure out how a character would be addressing the other members of his family. They mostly speak Spanish in the household (Mexican, if that makes a difference). The character in question is the oldest son, a teenager.

He loves and respects his mother, but they spend a lot of time arguing. I don't think there'd be much formality between them, but at the same time, I wouldn't say there's disrespect either. What might he call her?

He has two younger sisters. Is it normal in Spanish to just call siblings by their names, or something else?

The youngest sister, I'm thinking he probably has a nickname for, something along the lines of "runt" or "squirt" or whatever other teasingly affectionate type thing a big brother might call a little sister. But, uh, in Spanish. Help?

Question about Boats

I've a question about passenger boats... The kind the rich and wealthy tend to take pleasure rides to small islands on, the kind that tend to house casinos, ect. Well, a couple of questions really, as I know jack-all about boats.

For one, how does a cargo section tend to be laid out? It's usually in the underbelly of the boat, yes? Could someone hide in with the cargo in order to sneak aboard the ship before it set out? If so, just how cramped would such a situation be? And if there's anything else anyone can think of that I should know when writing about two people hiding in the cargo section of a boat, please do tell.

Thanks for your help!

Alloys and metals

I'm looking for an alloyed metal that is comparable in hardness to steel (if not harder). I know very little about metals and alloys, and the stuff I found on google were way over my head. If there was a current alloy what would it be and what would it be called? Can anything be added to Brass excepting Iron and have it be strong as steel?

Please do not respond with Titanium or Bronze (unless it is a bronze alloy) as i have different uses in mind for these.

Also anything created by laboratory means such as depleted Uranium would not be appropriate. While I can involve a little magic or bending a little of reality, I want to avoid thouroughly modern Alloys unless they could have been made in a medeival forge (potentially).

Sorry if that's confusing... Dealing mostly in theory here anyway.

Bindi help?

Ok. So developing a history for a AU RP, and I need to either name so I can properly Google, or find a reason for, a man to wear a Bindi.

Currently, all I can find is that women wear Bindi, not men, so that makes me think I should be calling it something else.

Thanks for the help!

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early 1900's slang

I was wondering if anyone had any reliable resources on common slang used during and around the first world war. Common phrases and sayings that young men and women might have used on a regular basis. Thanks!