October 11th, 2005

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Drugs In Your System

Is it physical possible to tell A) how long a drug has been in your system and B) how much of it you've taken?\

Basically, I don't want the doctor to find out that my main character has *just* taken a small hit of drugs. The doctor needs to think the MC took a large dose early in the evening.

I'm working with a made-up drug (called "NaNo"), but I want to know if this is remotely posible, or completely impossible.
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Yom Kippur Prayer

I need a specific prayer.

Since I left my prayer book at home and won't manage to get my hands on it for another few days, i was hoping to get some help in writing this story. I need a specific prayer said on Yom Kippur. It's a listing of all the ways a person might die if they don't atone.

All I remember is "And who by and who by flood/who shall be rich and who poor" though those lines may not actually be next to each other. I don't know the name of the prayer or anything but that. Any help finding this would be grand and greatly appreciated. Even anything to help my search would be great! I keep finding pages about Yom Kippur and related songs, but never the prayer itself.

Edit: And answered! That was quick and useful! Yay l_d!
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Calligraphy exercise books

This is going to be a very weird entry.

There is a series/set of calligraphy exercise books, apparently under the brand name of 'Aladine', published in French. They're pretty small, thin, incredibly classy. I know for a fact that there's a "Ecrire Au Moyen-Age" and a "Ecrire A La Renaissance", i.e. fonts from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as books on Arabic and Chinese calligraphy.

Oddly enough, Google turns up virtually nothing about them, maybe because I just don't speak French. So. Anyone got any information on these books? Anything at all would be useful, I don't care. Even just names that I can toss into Google again.

Yes, I'm quite desperate.
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