October 10th, 2005

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Proper term for a travel agency's caretaker for package-holiday tourists?

This is a word-definition question - I know the job description, but I don't know what the job itself is called.

When you buy a package holiday in a foreign country and go there by plane with the whole group, an employee of the travel agency that lives in the destination country meets the group at the airport, arranges transport to the hotel, and in the hotel, acts as a facilitator - the person you complain to when the room service is off, or when your kid is sick and needs a doctor, or when Mrs Tucker from next door is being obnoxious; they also arrange extra trips, handle most contacts with the locals etc. Basically that person babysits the whole group of tourists and makes sure they don't come to harm. Then they see the group off to the airport and pick up the next batch. This is standard travel agency operating procedure in Turkey, and I think in Egypt as well.

What is that person's job called, in English?

They're not exactly a tour guide. In Polish they'd be the travel agency's Resident at the hotel, but that's apparently not the right term. And googling any combination of travel, hotel and guide just gets me sites that recommend various hotels.
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