October 9th, 2005

Millenium-old corpses

I'm not even quite sure *how* to google this one.
Someone died in a cave (relatively cool and wet, teeny little cave) by magic-related means (ie no violence done to the corpse). Nothing larger than insects has been in the cave since then.
Roughly 1000 years later, Our Heroine comes into the cave. What, if anything, would she see? A complete skeleton? A few scraps of bone/clothing? No visible human remains? I'm assuming anything other than bone/teeth (and possibly clothing/metal) would be gone.
Specifics about the geography of the cave aren't set in stone, other than its size (would be crowded with a dozen people) and the general climate of the area (snows in winter, but not a lot). I'd like there to be at least *something* that an educated layman would recognize as "bits of an ex-person".
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Killing off a character - slowly and painlessly?

Okay, so I need a way to kill a character, and in order of importance I'd like it to be:

1) Slow
2) Relatively painless
3) But still gory.

I'm thinking that all three aren't going to happen... right now I'm considering strangulation. Any suggestions appreciated.

EDIT: Thanks for all your help. ^_^ I've gotten a manner of death that I believe is suitable for what I'm writing. For those of you who want to read the delightfully gory CCD/X short I was working on, it's here.
I feel neurotic.
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driving age in 1970's Minnesota

Does anyone know how old one would have to be to get a driver's license in Minnesota in the late 1970's? I know in South Dakota it was, and continues to be, 14; in Minnesota it is currently 16. Anyone here remember that, or know someone who does? Pages upon pages of Google give no useful answer.
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Victorian Information, ZOMG.

Actually I haven't got the slightest idea where to start looking for this:

I need information about what it was like to be in the (Catholic) clergy during around the Victorian period (though frankly any vaguely historical period will do, I don't think it changed much until Vatican II....? ....Assuming Vatican changed that much in regard to the priests themselves.). Not really so much regarding beliefs and such, which I sort of am finding, but more like: Could an ordained priest go to school for a degree in, say, theology? How did they have money for things like food? What was the dress code? How did bishops become--er--bishops?

Also anything regarding colleges during the Victorian era, regarding how people got in, how classes went, which schools were considered prominent back then...?

Correct saying:

Which is the correct insult?

Your mamma wears army boots

Your mamma wears combat boots

ETA: Thanks for all the help!! Consensus seems to think it's a regional thing, so I'm going with "combat boots" as I think it fits my purpose better.