October 8th, 2005


Florida towns with a lot of bodies of water?

For a crime novel:

Is there any city or town in Florida, or just the south, that has a high concentration of bodies of water? I'm not asking about a place with a proximity to the ocean or a gulf, but rather, a town that has a great number of lakes, rivers, etc.

Is there anywhere I could go to look this up? I hate to make a town up completely. It's annoying. I hope this isn't too stupid or confusing of a question. I tried Google and it keeps listing random facts.


Is there a set designer in the house?

Hiya folks.
Would any of you happen to know what the thing scene lighting people put over a stage light to produce a particular pattern (for example, to make it look like the light is coming through a grate in the ceiling) is called? It's not part of the cellophane, I know that. I need to know this for something I'm writing, and putting in "the thing that stage people put over lights to make patterns" to google hasn't been particularly productive.
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traditional Cherokee dress

Clearly my Google-type-skills suck. But I have tried every search string I could think of and have yet to find a really good link on traditional Cherokee dress. Mostly because I have a very specific question, would Cherokee women have ever worn feathers in their hair and if so would it have held a specific purpouse or meaning?

And if anyone can find a good link to traditonal Cherokee dress from before the influence of White culture that has excruciating detail I would love you forever.

Edit: And Cherokee.org was the first place I checked.