September 30th, 2005

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Misleading sale signage

Let's say the manager of a medium-sized grocery store decides to capitalize on the fact that most customers don't pay very close attention to signs and don't read their reciept very closely, and comes up with this scheme: Whenever the store has a sale, he picks a few products and deliberately puts the sale sign in the wrong place.

For example, ABC brand bread is on sale, XYZ brand bread on the shelf next to it is not. Sneaky Manager puts the sale sign for ABC bread on XYZ's shelf, knowing that most people will see the sale sign and assume XYZ is the one on sale and buy it, even though the sign clearly says ABC is the one on sale. If someone spots the "mistake", he quickly corrects it, but more often than not, no one says anything about it, so the sign stays in the wrong place the whole time the sale is going on.

This is obviously immoral, but is it illegal? If it is illegal, what laws (besides truth in advertising) would Sneaky Manager be breaking?
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Drawing in charcoal

How would someone in the early 1800's have set a charcoal drawing (in a sketchbook) so it wouldn't smear? Does the kind of paper matter as to how much it smears if it can't be set? I am, unfortunately, not an artist, and all my Google efforts bring up galleries or hardware stores.
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Japanese gradeschool sources

I was doing research and found these links. Good for anyone writing in the subject of the Japanese education system or just with child characters in this setting.

The Educational Structure of the Japanese School System - Detailed info as far as statistics go. Covers cram schools as well as elementary, middle, high, technical schools, and universities.
Schools - General info.
Kids' Life - A few links to pages on life in individual schools. Ranges from elementary to high school.

Semi-related: Traditional Japanese Toys and Games - Info on various low-tech childrens' games.

Hope it's of use to someone else.
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Breaking glasses.

Does anyone know in which cultures people supposedly break glasses after using them if it's for a special occasion or they're nobility? I tried Googling it, but all I came up with was that it's possibly a Hollywood legend that Russians do that.

Many thanks to anyone that can help.