September 29th, 2005

Shotgun Angel

Indian torture and prostitutes

What kind of torture methods were favored in ancient India? I'm writing a fantasy story set in a culture based roughly on South India, but since I have fantasy leeway, less specific info is fine, too. I'm not picky about specific time periods, either – pre-European influence is really what I want. The character is being tortured for information, not amusement, if that helps any. So far I'm going with traditional pain-inflicting methods – beating, burning, holding his head underwater, etc.

Also, what would be visual cues to whether a woman was a prostitute? Is there any difference in garb, makeup or hairstyle that would give it away? This is once again based off of South India, culture-wise.
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Army Boots!

In modern day armed forces, how large would someone's feet have to be, roughly, before standard military-issue boots no longer came in their size? That is, if normal supply didn't just have those size lying around for new recruits, and they needed to be specially ordered/made.
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Edinburgh dance clubs, 1996-ish

For a fic I'm writing, I want to make up a dance club in Edinburgh (not use a real one), but I want it to feel right. I've looked at some listings of clubs, but who knows, really... they write what they want people to think.

A couple of the ones I saw seem to be themed--an art gallery theme and a North African "souk" theme. Would it seem right to have a different sort of theme, maybe Indian or something? Something odder?

What kind of neighborhood do dance clubs tend to be in? What's the clientele likely to be like, and what kind of music is likely in 1996?

This is really just for a brief description--I'm not going to go into detail; it's one friend trying to cheer another up by dragging her out on the town--so I'm not looking to have heavy interaction with the enviroment, but what there is, I'd like to get right.
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Traveling from Lamia to Delphi in ancient Greece.

I found a helpful map, but I can't seem to figure how long it would take or what the terrain would be like in a trip on foot and/or by horse, ox, or mule pulled cart from Lamia to Delphi. We're talking pre-Hellenistic, more like the Myceneans. If there's a simple mathematical formula to figure this out, you'll have to forgive me. Math was *never* my subject.

Anyone have any helpful estimates or logistics?
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Looking for an Online Romanized Japanese Translator

Okay, erm. Long-time watcher, but first time asking questions -- this is a wonderful community, and I'm really going out of my mind at the moment.

I've spent hours with Google trying to find an online (free, preferably) English to romanized Japanese translator. Not for single words (that's easy enough to find), but for phrases or sentences, something like Babelfish but... romanized.

I'm not sure if it's just that my google-fu is weak or that it's really hard to find; it hasn't been my day today so it could really be either one and I will still feel foolish. XD; So sorry for being dense, in case the answer's right in front of my face, but...

Fine Print: It's for a private roleplay with someone who has about as much of a grasp on the Japanese language as I do (simply polite in greeting at best), so accuracy isn't a big issue, especially if I've already considered Babelfish (is there a way to translate to romanized with Babelfish?).

Thanks in advance, and great apologies for general skull density. x.x
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Cape Town in the 1980's

The main character in my story has left District Six and gone to Cape Town during the 60's/70's because of apartheid. The story is set quite a few years later.

Does anyone have any information on language, clothes, places...daily life in Cape Town during this time?

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