September 25th, 2005

Psychological Dream Symbolism

Yargh, I'm looking for a website with dream symbolism. I've googled but all I can come up with are essays and sites that talk about precognative dreams, I need psychological dream symbolism, does anyone know of such a website?
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Boring trip to New York City?

I would like to send this character on a road trip--about two hours or so--to Manhattan but I want the drive there to be relatively boring: no landmarks, points of interest, anything like that on the way. Is there a town (perhaps a suburb of a smaller city) from which this character could start that would make that trip possible?
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UN involvement in former Czechoslovakia?

Does anyone know if it would be at all plausible to have a UN official become involved in negotiating the release of a high-profile political prisoner during the Velvet Revolution in the former Czechoslovakia in 1989?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide. I've been doing some reading, but I haven't been able to find an answer to this yet.

pawnshop procedures

How does it work, specifically, when you go into a pawnshop to pawn something?

Do you fill out a form? Do they ask for ID? Stereotypes aside, how picky do y'all find modern pawnbrokers to be about who's doing the pawning, and where the pawned item came from?
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Roman Catholic Mass vs. Lutheran service

I've come to a small...problem, in my story. It's a usual 30's gangster, big city, mafia, yada yada.
One character is Roman Catholic (which I am too), however another is a Lutheran.
I know little to nothing about Lutheran mass services, but in the story I have to make a comparison in beliefs and especially the church services.

I know how the Roman Catholic Mass goes, but are there any Lutheran's here that can give me a rundown of what happens at service, in order?

And what are the differences in Lutheran beliefs, practices, and services? How could I tell if someone was a Lutheran? Is there anything that would greatly upset or insult a Lutheran?

Thanks in advance :3

Inn or Tavern in Feudal Japan?

Does anyone know if there is a specific name for a tavern or restaurant in Feudal Japan where people can publically eat or drink? Maybe even sort of a like an inn place where people stay and can join others somewhere in the facility to drink. And I don't mean geisha houses either.
If not, I'm just going to use 'inn' and 'tavern' but I was hoping to be culturally correct.
Thanks for any help.
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Cities/large towns in Greene County, Ohio?

Hi -

I need some names, minimum, and ideally a smidgen of information on any large towns or cities in Greene County, Ohio. Ideally they would also be close-ish to the Wright-Patterson AFB and also, old enough to have been well established in the 1930s. Any towns cities that have cool (gangster or whatever) history in about the 1930's would be a special treat.

Im writing an informative entry about an imaginary civilian AFB in the 1930s in that part of the country.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thanks everyone! The Billy Mitchell stuff is useful, the info on the areas is very cool and I appreciate all the comments :)