September 23rd, 2005

Kyouya - Outside the Lines

Chinese keyboards

Probably a stupid question, but...

What kind of typos can you have in Chinese? I'm completely unfamiliar with Chinese keyboards and don't know how you could typo something.
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BART stations

I'm writing a story that involves BART in San Francisco. I've been in it but was more focused on when my train was coming than the details of surroundings. So, my question. Are there food dispensers in the stations? Pop, chips, candy bars etc? Anyone from SF who might be able to tell me? Thanks in advance.

Character details (1920s Egypt)

I've got a minor character that needs fleshing out, and Google is crushing me with the weight of eight million unhelpful results. The story's set in the late 90s/early years of the new millennium in America, but the character himself was born in Egypt in the 20s. What I need:

-Is there a baby name site out there that goes by country AND has a popularity-by-decade feature? I'm really, really anal about this sort of thing. :)

-Any random cultural quirks would be cool to know. I don't want to overdo it (and run the risk of beating the reader to death with LOL FOREIGN), but a few little things here and there would be nice. On a related note, it looks like odds are good he'd be Muslim, but "not a very good one" (there's a fixation with ancient Egypt and cobras and, uh, superpowers involved. Yes.) Pretty much going through the motions and living in the culture (something like how many Americans celebrate the holidays and so on but aren't really big on seriously practicing Christianity, I guess), but that's about it. Any suggestions for how to portray that would be welcome, especially little quirky things like what I'm not getting from most of these vague and brief search results.

-If anybody knows any particularly neat superstitions/myths/etc involving cobras, share? :)

-Hm. Come to think of it, any movie suggestions? I could use a movie night, and I may as well watch something useful. XD

(I'm rather tired tonight and fully expect to have ended up incoherent at points. Anyone needing to ask me what the heck I was going on about in any given sentence, go right ahead. *g*)