September 19th, 2005

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Winning lottery tickets

What happens when a convenience store sells a winning scratch-off lottery ticket?

I'm not talking about the smaller prizes or the huge jackpot, I'm talking about the middle of the prize range, like $1,000 or so. I've seen stores that have posters that say, "This store sold the [$x.xx] ticket!", but do they do anything else, like take the winner's picture or add him to their hall of fame or anything like that? Is there any kind of Lottery Commission standard procedure for that, or does it depend on the store?
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Insulin - Expiry times in different circumstances

Hi everybody!

I'm not sure what inspired me to make a pair of complementary diabetic characters, but there you go. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as the case may be,) I'm not diabetic, and the people I know who are I'm currently out of contact with. My Google-fu skillz, and my talent for checking bottles, gave me the basic lowdown on the expiry times of bottled insulin; however, for the most part they only relate to the stuff that is kept in a refrigerator and treated very carefully.

Diabetic Character Number One is always obsessively careful with his insulin, but he has the bad luck to be dragged into another world where such things don't exist; he has the good luck, though, to be carrying his insulin with him at the time. The climate here is fairly cool - I can't make the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, but the average daily temperature would be about sixteen degrees Celsius and the average nightly temperature about three. He has a backpack, and material to wrap the bottles in so that they won't be broken.

Anyway, my question is - how long would insulin (he has the fast-acting stuff and the slow-acting stuff, if it helps) last under these conditions - unrefrigerated in a coolish climate and being shaken about a bit? If it wouldn't last at all, I'll have to think of an alternative; if it would last a little while at least, how much would he need to last him about four days, give or take a few hours?

If this shows insufficient utilisation of appropriate searching facilities, please feel free to bring the virtual smack down upon me. (You can't bring the virtual smack down on me for not knowing anything, though - I know that I know nothing and therefore a great deal less than the average member of this community. XD Please be kind to me, I just couldn't find the information.)

Thanks everyone!

ET: Love you guys. You told me everything I needed to know, and more that will also come in handy down the track. Thanks again!
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Looking for costume references

This has to do with character design for a fantasy universe, so I suppose I can put it here.

I'm looking for costume references, illustrated, for historical India. I'm not looking at a particular period since this is really just idea-hunting. I'm really, really interested in finding high-quality images. Online resources are definitely preferred, but if you have a favorite book with lots of illustrations that's affordable to recommend, I'll look into buying it.

(I've been to the Costumer's Manifesto site, but a lot of the links are broken or contain poor quality images that are hard to figure out.)

Edit: As for region, I'm looking at costume that belongs to the same tradition as the stereotypical sari (although I'm definitely looking for variations in costume!). So any region where this type of costume is/was worn.