September 18th, 2005

Basic: Studying

Veterinary question

I was wondering what would be involved in a routine vet exam. I'm writing a story where a normal doctor ends up doing a basic exam on a dog. First of all, while he might not be qualified for animals, how different would it be? Also, what differences would there be between a normal visit and "puppy's first vet visit"?

Thanks in advance.

the suspect lineup in the U.K.

All right, all more U.K. legal question. I am truly sorry.

I think in the U.S. when they do the lineup of suspects for the victim to identify, they are always behind one-way glass so they can't, in turn, identify the victim. I'd think this would be the same in the U.K., but I seem to remember some recent films that depict this situation in Britain, and there was no glass. The suspects where just lined up in a room with a bunch of police and the victim, who identified them that way. Is this a strange sort of fiction, or are things truly conducted that way?

I tried Googling this, but it appears to be one of those mundane details they just don't bother to tell you about on informational websites.