September 17th, 2005

got tail?

German coffee drinking

I can't find this anywhere by Googling, and I freely admit that my Google-fu is weak. So, my question is...anyone have a clue how the majority of German's are most likely to take their coffee? As in, what roast, how sweet (if sweet at all), black or with cream or milk... And if you have more specific info about practices in Bavaria that would be even better. Thanks!
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DNA collection in the U.K.?

I know that in the U.S., if the police suspect someone of commiting a crime but have insufficient evidence for a warrant, they can't demand a DNA sample. However, if the person discards a cigarette, disposable cup, half-eaten food, etc., the police are within their rights to pick it up and take it back to the lab for analysis. If the DNAs match up, this is considered sufficient for arrest.

Is this also true in the U.K. (specifically London)? If not, what is the procedure?

Essentially, I have a character who's being wrongly accused of rape. I'd like for him to start noticing the same guys hanging around his flat all the time, waiting for a sample to be dropped...because the only evidence the police have at the moment is the testimony of the woman, which isn't sufficient, as she might simply have a grudge.

Thanks guys.


If two people are riding horses side by side, could one person reach over and grab the other person's reins to take control of the horse? How would the horses likely react (assuming they weren't panicked to begin with)?

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Menominee Casino & Gaming Compact

I'm looking for basic information on the gaming compact that the Menominee signed with the state of Wisconsin in 1987. Was there a lot of opposition to the compact? Has it become a popular casino, and has it made very many people prosperous, or only a few?

Or, if you've ever been through Menominee county, I'd love to know any details you observed there.

1920's fashion

I need to know about British fashion in the 1920's. I tried googling it but it didn't quite work. I'm trying to write a fanfic about time travel into the 20's and I really need help figuring out what my characters would wear. One, the female, is about 24 and the other, a male, is 44 and loves to wear black. If anyone would help me out, I would be very grateful! thanks!

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