September 11th, 2005

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Bullet to the Leg

I wasn't sure where to find information like this, so I hope it's okay that I'm asking here.

I don't know too much about guns or bullets but I'm working on this story where my characters gets hit with a bullet to the leg. The gun is an average hand-gun and the bullet passes through his leg cleanly. There's an entrance wound and an exit wound. I'm not sure if this plays a role in recover time but the character is a young sixteen year old, healthy male.

My question is, about how long would it take for him to recover from an injury like that?
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School Rules and Uniform c.1940

I'm looking for any kind of information about the student Code of Conduct in schools circa 1940 (preferably in Britain, but I'm not picky). I've Googled it but I found a lot of modern things - what I'm looking for is perhaps a student handbook, a list of rules or even just a website that talks about what student were and weren't allowed to do in the 1940s.

Also, a website with pictures and descriptions of school uniforms from around that time would be good as well...I found this website but its images aren't working for me (defeats the whole purpose, really!).

Thankyou in advance!

Edit: I found this website after a bit of searching around. Although, if you have some links for me, I wouldn't say no...

How many police captains? San Francisco particularly :)

I'm wondering if anyone knows how many captains each police station would have? I'm writing a fic taking place in present day, SFPD specifically. There's Robbery/Homicide, but there is also Narcotics, Vice, etc. The SFPD web site does not offer as much information for the writer as the LAPD site does. I can't tell if there is just one captain per station (location) or if each of these sections would have its own captain.

I've been wondering if there were other shows, past or present and cop shows would be ideal, that took place in San Francisco. Screamingly obvious is Streets of San Francisco. I think Nash Bridges, too. Can anyone think of any others?

If someone could suggest a different or better place for me to ask, I'd appreciate that as well.