September 10th, 2005

Sands '88 by khohen1

Eyewear Fashions in the Late Eighties

Google, my usual fashion sites and my memory are all failing me. I'm writing a story set in 1988 to 1989, and one of my main characters is an eighteen year old Anglophile American boy. He tends to wear sunglasses most of the time outside, which I'm fine on, but it occurs to me that several of his mannerisms would be better explained by his being slightly short-sighted.

So, I need an idea of the kind of glasses he would wear for reading (he's definitely too vain to wear them all the time), so it's prescription sunglasses or not seeing too well the rest of the time. Descriptions, pictures or pop culture references all appreciated. UK or US fashions equally appropriate, as he could well have exchanged his original pair for new ones between arriving at Heathrow, and turning up in Oxford.

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Circus in Japan

I've been browsing around the net for ages trying to find information on this, but haven't been able to find anything that's good. So does anyone have any clues about how circuses work in Japan? Are they similar to Western ones? Do they tour? What kind of acts do they have? Who goes to see them?

Any information would be very much appreciated.
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Consequenses of a circus accident + fdance instructor wages

I have a character who is a former circus performer; a knife thrower, to be exact. Now, since he has a Tragic Past (tm), he lost someone he cared very nmuch for in an accident he caused. or, at least blames himself for.

Basically, during a performance there is an equipment malfunction - his "target" is tied to one of those wheel thingies and the wheel collapses during a throw, and his knife strikes the "target" person wounding her severely, possibly even killing her. What sort of legal consequences woulfd there be? I am assuming he would be charged with SOMETHING - I just have no idea what.

He's with an international circus so the event can take place just about anywhere. In case it matters, he is a Spanish citizen. However, he should be able to live/work int he US and the UK after the events.

Also; later the same character will worjk as a dance instructor in a pretty large studio, where most clients are your average Janes and Joes. How much would he be making, on average, ina medium-sized city? He works full-time and is very good at what he does.
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