September 7th, 2005

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MOD POST: rule reminders

'kay guyz. This is your not-so-regularly scheduled post to remind you of the rules, because some of you are forgetting them. The ones people are forgetting:

  • All posts should have a descriptive subject line that reflects the question in the post. "Hello, I have a question" isn't a descriptive subject line; "burning someone alive" is.

  • This community is for questions about things that come up in your writing, not about things that come up in your life. We aren't here to tell you how to fix your car stereo or what to get your father for his birthday, so please take those types of questions elsewhere. They'll just be deleted if you post them here.

  • Don't be a jerk; if you disagree with someone, be civil about it. If someone else started it, we might be sympathetic, but you run the risk that we won't be (especially if you're not funny). Repeat offenders will be banned.
The rest of the rules are on the user info. I know it's hard to keep track of all of the rules of the communities you're members of, but if in doubt, check them before posting!

I've gone back and tagged all of the recent entries I missed, and added the link to the tag definitions to the user info like I said I would weeks ago.

Baptism in the Anglican church from godparent view

My protagonist becomes godfather to his ex-wife's daughter. The novel takes place in Britain and his ex-wife has her baptised in the Anglican church (Church of England). I have found information about the actual baptism i.e. the wording of what parents and godparents have to say, etc. However, this doesn't help me so much, because I need to describe what happens from the godfather's point of view and I want to explore his feelings. Does he hold the infant at any time? Does he actually have to 'do' anything other than confirming verbally? What does it feel like to stand there at the baptismal fountain and give one's word to take care of that child if need be.

I'm not Anglican and have never been at a Baptism. In case anyone on this community has been at a baptism or, even better, is a godparent I'd be immensely grateful if they could describe what it was like. Thank you.
Pittbull with teeth

Racial Capitalization Question

Racial Capitalization Question.

When referring to a race of beings, when do you capitalize.

For example:
Have you ever seen a human?
Have you ever seen any of Human kind?
Have you seen any humans today?
Are you of the Human race?

Have you ever seen a dwarf/elf/orc?
Have you ever seen any of Dwarven/Elven/Orcish kind?
Have you seen any dwarves/elves/orcs today?
Are you of the Dwarven/Elven/Orcish race?

Thank you very much, I'd really appreciate the assistance, English classes were a long time ago.

Ah, it's always the little details...:-)

Clarifier: I am refering to races. I am interested in the proper grammatical form. I already know the plural forms. Geographical loction is not a factor for this querry. Thanks, Cheers!
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