September 6th, 2005


Something Old English-sounding for 'mistress'

... As in, a king's or nobleman's official bit on the side. I need something that the people of Rohan would use among themselves, and while Tolkien probably *did* know the right word to use, I don't think he ever wrote it down. So I thought I'd use Old English, or at least a lightly modernised version. 'Mistress' and 'leman' both sound too Norman, and the closest OE word I could find (in the online edition of Bosworth & Toller) is 'níd-háemestre' which is only going to cause 'WTF?' reactions.

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[Artwork] firebird's child

Trying to go beyond 'I hit you with my stick'.

Finally time to ask a question instead of just lurking around and learning... this has been driving me nuts for a while.

I need to know some information on how one would fight in single-combat (i.e. not like... a Roman army carrying spears, or something, just one person fighting single or multiple foes) with a spear. I know next to nothing about it, and my google searches end up clogged with 'techniques' from fighting games. Not exactly what I'm looking for!

I'm not looking for information from any one fighting style or country in particular; in fact, the more information from the more cultures I can find, the better! And the best information of all would be descriptions or pictures of specific techniques or moves that a spear-fighter would use.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Autumn in Chicago

Hello - first off, I live in Florida. So I'm completely ignorant of matters relating to snowy, wintery seasons.

Now the question: What would the weather typically be like in late October, in Chicago? Should one expect rain, sun, snow, sleet, hail, wind, etc. etc.? And what would the average nighttime temperature be?

Also, unrealted but for the same story: What's your favorite Halloween candy? I need ideas for the trick or treaters, all I can think of is candy corns...

Thank you!
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Convert measures

If you find yourself having to convert kg into lbs, or degrees Fahrenheit into centigrade (I grew up with the decimal system and everything else means very little to me), have a look at online conversion for all sorts of handy conversions. Includes measures like fathoms, nautical miles, knots, mach or troy pounds as well as bits & bytes and astronomical or energy measures, to name but a few.
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Body painting

My character is going to have her body painted from head to foot. I'm reasonably well aquainted with modern cosmetics, but this story is set in a pseudo historical timeperiod that's vaguely Regency in feel. So what kind of things would have been available to paint someone with then? Ideally I need something that's not going to rub off if she hugs someone, but can be washed off later on (so no henna) and that comes in more than one colour.

Any suggestions?