September 4th, 2005


Greek Myth help?

As I'm not too sure how to google this...

Greek history, and a bit of geography: Troy was a city, as was Ithaca, correct? If so, would the highest leader be called a king, and would that be decided by lineage? I need to kidnap the only son of the ruler of a city, and I'm caught between naming him a prince or lord.

Help? *puppy eyes*

And though I'm pretty solid in my research, if anyone has any literature besides the Oddesy and the Illiad featuring Aeolus, king of the winds, (or the winds themselves) I'd love a link.

...Also, if you could give me a bead on the 'personality' of each wind, I would make starry eyes in your general direction. The closer I am to something 'historically kind-of accurate' the happier I'll feel. (*has a feeling there's something in Arabian nights, but can't remember*)
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well MY characters...

Is this a concussion, or what do you call it?

Just a quick couple questions that get sparing mention at first, but will also be used later on in the plot:

1) How do you treat a person who has just been thrown backward into a wall? (PS: We're working with a couple of modern-day teenagers now who have other things to worry about. One might know what to do, the other one has no clue, and neither is a medic-/doctor-/nurse-/healing-inclined type.)

2) What sort of an injury would you call this? Concussion doesn't sound right, but I can't think of anything else.

3) Is there anything large that may result from such an incident? (assumed the impact was just enough for the person to be knocked out.) Anything else?
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Finding a prisoner

Persons A and B are in England. Person A is in prison, Person B is a friend of person A and visits frequently. Person A gets into trouble and it's decided they should be moved to a different prison. Person B shows up to see person A and find they're gone, Person A had known for some time and not told person B.

How would person B find person A? Is there a generally accepted way to do this, a person you can contact? Would the people at the first prison be able to give Person A's location? Would person B be able to send a letter to person A disclosing their location?

I've been to the official prison service webiste and done a google search and found nothing to help me.

And help would be appreciated. Thanks anyway.

Parental relationships

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could explore parental relationships?? I have never had children and I was raised in a nuclear family as an only child, so I haven't had much chance to observe parents and their children (aside from my relationship with my own mom).

What are some big moments in a parent's life, in their child's growing up? I just wrote something where the character (who is the father) talks to the young daughter about death, when a pet is dying. What are some other ideas?

Some additional notes:
* The father and daughter are very close. This is noteworthy because the culture on the whole (except for the specific little enclave the father and daughter live in) tends to practice sex segregation.
* Father and daughter are somewhat estranged later, so that she'll not even be aware that he's dying, and won't know until after he has died. This is a spacefaring culture spread out over long distances, so news tends to travel slow.

What could cause these two to become distant?