September 3rd, 2005

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Kidney injuries

I have a character who needs an absolutely cast-iron alibi for three to seven days. Right now, I'm thinking the best way to do that would be to get her admitted into a hospital for that time period. These are my questions:

1) She's going to have to stage her injuries. I'm thinking kidney damage via punches in the small of the back, with some help from a friend. Would it be plausible for those injuries to keep her in the hospital that long? She'd also have assorted other bruising, a couple of cracked ribs, and generally look very beaten-up.

2) How will the hospital actually treat her injuries? Procedures, medications, etc.?

3) Besides bleeding into her abdominal cavity and decreased excretory function, what else might result from having damaged kidneys? I've googled various combinations of "renal trauma boxing punch", but nothing useful has come up.


Russian Accent

Hi. I would have posted this to multilingual but it appears they specialize in translations over accents. I was wondering if y'all could give me a few tips as to how to write for a character whose English has a Russian accent. Not so heavy as to be nonsensical or a pain on the eyes, but just clues in terms of syntax and likely grammatical mistakes, word choice and diction. What sort of sounds are stretched or foreshortened? What is likely to be unpronounceable to such a character? (Verb at the end? At the beginning? In the middle?)

All I have to go on is Ensign Chekov, and I'm not sure he's such a good model. Besides, all I rememeber is that he can't pronounce his V's. "Wery" instead of "very."

Also... is "comrade" still in use, or am I hopelessly Cold War dated?

I ask this because just saying "he spoke with a heavy Russian accent" seems... like cheating.

Sports question

I have a question involving American football, and Google isn't helping. The situation in a nutshell: The quarterback is badly injured and is unable to play, and the team has no second-string quarterback (this is canon). Would another player in a different position be able to step in as quarterback, even though that's not their actual position? If that's not allowed, what would happen then?

This is high school football, if it matters.
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Post-amputation illnesses?

So, I have a character who recently had a limb amputated. The limb in question was shot several times and deemed too badly damaged to be recovered/heal, so it was amputated. He was operated on by a decent surgeon under OR conditions and he's been getting good medical care since then. Is there any way he could be getting some kind of sickness or infection? Preferably something that would pass under the radar until it got serious, or something that would be hard to cure? Also, it needs to be fatal or at least possibly life-threatening.

edit: I should add, he's being taken care of by a doctor, but he's under private care, not in a hospital.
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