August 31st, 2005

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Couple Questions about living in Europe.

Is "Ich weiß nicht" the only way to say "I don't know" in German? (And is that even correct?) Specifically, I'm looking for something a little kid would say - like the english "dunno". I looked through some online dictionaries, but no go.

I've heard of this in the States (though I don't think it's very common at all), but would it be possible that a large apartment building in a big European city (Paris, Berlin, etc) would have it's own driver/car for residents? Or would they call a taxi service to pick them up?

Finally - I know you can send children flying by themselves domestically in the US. How easy would it be to send a child back to the states by himself from Europe? The kid (he's five, if that makes a difference) had his mom just die and they're sending him to his grandmother, but nobody wants to waste the time/effort to actually take him. This one I wasn't quite sure how to google.

Thanks for any help! ^^

eta: wow, you guys are like super quick AND helpful! thankyou! <3
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Rudimentary Gravity Bomb, the reprise

So, I posted a question yesterday about designing a rudimentary impact-detonated bomb. I got lots of helpful replies -- thank you!

It seems like I should have posted that question with a picture of the device. Well, I beseech you -- behold my MS Paint skills!

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Here's a question that google has failed me on: why do falling bombs make that whistling noise? Is it a function of their shape and mass?
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