August 30th, 2005

Scottish names....

I've Googled this to death, but can't find an answer....

The name "Finn" is Irish. My question is, is it a name that might be given to a Scottish guy? Or would that never happen? Backstory on character: Scottish father, American mother rather proud of her family's Irish ancestory. The guy was born/raised in Scotland.

Orders a captain gives when a ship's coming into shore

I've tried googling this but didn't really know where to start and the results weren't too good.

I need to know what a ship would do when coming into shore and the kind of orders a captain would give, like what happens with the sails and what the rest of the crew would be doing etc

The ship is a schooner manned by a crew of 20-30 with a shallow draft of about five feet and carrying little to no cargo save for ballist, if that helps. The shore in question is basically a sandy beach, fairly shallow, but there are rocks around the coastline so it wouldn't be able to go right up to the shore.

Thanks for any help people can give me. I really appreciate it!
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Boom, shake shake the room!

So, consider a fantasy setting where the technology level is roughly early 1800s with a couple notable exceptions. There is a race of reclusive sentient beings that live on a remote island. These beings can fly (never mind that big feathered wings on the back of a human-like creature probably wouldn't allow him to fly), and are generally peaceful. However, their island is forever getting raided by pirates, since the island has certain rare agricultural goods that are luxuries on the mainland (specifically pineapples and coffee, but that's not salient to my question here).

These people have successfully fended off the pirates for quite a long time, losing no more than a few of their own number at every encounter. However, in the last ten years or so, the pirates have started to attack with fearsome weapons, and the flyers' technology can't match the pirates'. The elders of the flyer race have sent a number of envoys to the mainland to learn more about these weapons, to bring samples home, and to establish relationships that will allow their manufacture on the island.

Long story short, the development of firearms on the mainland is growing apace, and the envoys are learning as much as they can and trying their hand at developing specific defenses against ships bearing cannon and musketeers (well, not the French kind).

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Synaesthesia Info Needed...

I'm looking for information about Synaesthesia. Not so much the definition, or articles or anything like that. That I have. I'm looking on information on what it feels like for a person who has this problem. I'm giving one of my characters this condition or something like it and I could use the help on what it feels like from the inside.

If you have any links on dealing with this condition or just plain info rather than science type info please leave me a link.

Thanks so much!
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burning a body

Character A needs to dispose of a body, so he burns it in something like an incinerator. How far would the smell of just one burning body carry? He's in a house up high on a shallow mesa-like land structure of sorts, but there's a town at the foot of it within sight, but a good ten or fifteen minute drive. He'd rather not have everybody in the village smell death coming from his direction....
I wasn't sure how exactly to word this to google. I put in "burning bodies" but of course just got song lyrics in return.

Encyclopedia Mythica and Women in Greek Myth -- mythology resources

LJ Seek assures me I'm not posting redundantly, and I hope it's not lying. ;)

Encyclopedia Mythica is a great online resource for, well, myth, including the gular Authurian, Grecian, and Egyptian, but also some more esoteric interests: Basque, Korean, Persian, etc.

This site is less scholarly and much more specific, but interesting for that; it's a complete listing of every single woman, human or immortal, ever mentioned in ancient Greek myth. (She's got a much smaller section on men.) She lists them alphabetically by name, along with an entry about their story, symbolism, who they were related to, etc. Then tops of the lot with a bunch of related paintings/scultpures/photographs.