August 28th, 2005


Learning support in UK schools after long-term absence

The situation concerns a sixteen-year-old boy at school in England who, due to various injuries from a car accident, has missed the first ten weeks or so of year eleven. The only information I've been able to find about support after long-term absences has been pretty general, so basically, any kind of idea how the school would likely handle his case would be appreciated.

What kind of arrangements would they make to help him catch up with the missed work? He was a good student prior to the accident, and is stubbornly determined not to let it interfere with him taking his GCSEs, so he's fairly resistant to any suggestion of delaying exams, lightening the workload, etc. I have some idea of how mitigating circumstances works with regard to coursework and so on, but ten weeks is a lot of missed material to cover, so how would the school handle that? Would they be likely to encourage him to drop some subjects to concentrate on the more important ones? And what, if anything, could or would they do about it if he doesn't want to do what they suggest?

Also, how would the learning support department be involved in his case? (I never had any dealings with them when I was at school, so I've got no idea how that side of things works.) Would there be frequent meetings, target-setting, what? Are they likely to be actively involved or leave him pretty much to his own devices, or does that vary from school to school?

Although the question is UK-specific, really, any sort of examples of how schools handle these kinds of things would probably be useful. Thanks!
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Translation for a German Word

I am in need of help once more.

I'm looking for the German word for "force", as in a force to be reckoned with. I only want the word for Force, to be used as a team name.

I've tried the online translators and my German dictionary, and I'm coming up with "erzwingt" but I'm uncertain if using this word as it stands would be correct. Any native German speakers out there who can help me out?
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