August 26th, 2005

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The Manual Transmission!

I just recently took driver's ed, but this was never covered. I had to look in the textbook on my own time to even find out a sort of summary about this, but I have forgotten it all.

So here is the question.

How does a manual transmission car work?

Don't give me smart answers like "well you turn the key and it goes on..." What I mean is, how and when do you shift gears? What are the functions of the different gears? How do you know when it's time to shift gears? If it matters, this is for a 1987 Honda Civic hatchback coupe. If someone can explain this to me in lay(wo)man's terms, well, that would be super as Reverend Lovejoy would always say.
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Schedule for movie production

In my story, there is a movie I have 2 of my main characters working with; However, since the movie is not crucial for the plot, it is somewhat of a background activity.... but since the story spans several years, I need to work out the production schedule of the movie. So, idf anyone can tell me the basic stages and how long theuy will most likely take, I would be v. grateful. Googling didn't take me anywhere :(

Details that might be/are relevant

- movie is a sequel for a blockbuster
- has one or two famous actors (think JOhnny Depp)
- has a famous pop star expanding his role from a supportin g tole to a lead role
- has several location shoots
- is v. high budget
- has a temperamental fdirector
- does not have need for computerized special effect
- has several action sequences

Also: between the first movie coming out and the talks about the sequel starting, the Pop Star had a world tour to complete.

story is set in modern day, from 2003 to 2007 or so.