August 24th, 2005


Air pollution, turning the sky red

I've found out from trawling through pollution/environmental sites that certain particles of pollution that get into the atmosphere can turn the sky a russet-red colour. Does anyone know what kind of pollution would do this and what level of it would be needed to give the sky a permanent red tinge over industrial cities? At the current rate of pollution how long would it take to happen and if pollution were suddenly reduced to almost nothing how long could it be expected to persist?

Days of googling for information has found me next to nothing so I'd be really grateful if anyone could come up with anything, though I realise it's a difficult question to answer. Thank you!
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Name of person who shows people around flats to rent

I'm having a complete mental block, and my google-flu fails me (constantly!). I'm english, and don't even have much idea about all this over here, yet alone across the pond where my story is set.

I have a character who is looking to rent a flat/house in a fictional town in california. Basically, what is the name/title for the person who will show them around the flat/house? Would it be the owner of the building? A real estate type person? A landlord? Someone else entirely?

I'm kind of at a loss. I dont need crazy details, i just need to say 'the --- showed them the third bedroom which was tiny...' etc.

I want it to be what the american character would call the person, not what I, being english, would. If that makes sense.

Sorry, it's 2am here and i'm tired, but i wanted to ask this while those on the other side of the pond were up. I tried googling but i have no idea where to look.

Thanks in advance for any help.

AE: Wasn't sure what tag to put on, so just put grab bag. Change if you would like!

EDITED AGAIN: I usually would try and reply to all emails but i'm struggling for time at the moment. So i just want to say thank you to all of those who answered my question. ALl very helpful. Seems i have a few options as what to use, which is good, and you really all helped.

Also, yup, check- apartment not a flat! Got it. I did know that but it was late and my american speak disapeered :P

Thanks once again for the help.