August 23rd, 2005

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Punishments for high school students caught with knives in their lockers.

The current situation that I am stuck at in my novel is where one of my characters steals a craft knife from his Art classroom in high school. He cuts himself with the knife (yay, angst ^^;), before hiding it in his locker. After we skip a few dramatic moments, he is eventually found to have taken the object.

My problem arises at this point.

He is cornered by his Principal and forced to spill all (including the fact that he cuts himself). What sort of punishment would this lead to? Like, for example, would he be sent to a therapist/psychiatrist for cutting himself? Or would the authorities not really give a flying fudge about that and just suspend him or something? (Just for the record, the Principal in this case is considerably strict and hot-headed.)

Help would be greatly appreciated - I'm absolutely clueless as to how I would go about googling the issue. Thanks. :)

This question was brought to you by a baffled Brit attempting to write a crazily-detailed novel set in the US.

[Edit] And whilst I'm on the subject - are 'craft knives' actually called craft knives in the US? Or are they called something else? (Picture reference: here) Please excuse my absolute ditzy-ness. O.o; [/Edit]
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Travel Questions

I have been researching travel distances and I am having a hard time finding answers.

Has anyone run across resources on or know the answers to:

Looking at 19th century (the 1800's) or earlier. Earlier is much better.

1. How far can an adult walk on a dirt road in a day? Regular travel pace? In a hurry?
2. How far can you ride in a day? Regular travel pace? In a hurry?
3. How far can a full wagon travel in a day?
4. How far can a medium sized merchant ship sail in a day? The ship MUST be pre 1700's.

Anybody know? Anybody have a book title to suggest? Maybe a web site?
Keep in mind that people were different back when. They weren't "Athletes" or couch potatoes.

I'd be grateful for any assistance! Thank You.
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Lamps and Slang in the 70's

Well, more like late 70's early 80's. How common would a battery-run electric lamp be? As opposed to a gas lamp? How expensive? (The characters in question are not particularly rich, but I don't want them burning the house down either.)

Edit: The reason for the lamps being that the characters are tossing a party in a 'haunted house,' which is old, and hasn't been paying any electric bills for the past ... who knows how long.

Also, what would be some common slang terms from the era? I have SOME ideas, but I could always be wrong. Preferably terms that would be tossed around casually, and frequently.
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Juvinile punishment and Indian torture

I have two questions:

One of my characters, a fifteen-year-old, has been arrested for throwing a gun at a police officer. Yes, throwing a gun. What would she be charged with, what defence would she use, and what sentence would she get if convicted? The specifics are thus: The gun was owned by an adult, who was unconcious at the time. The police burst in, and the girl's first reaction was to grab the nearest object (the gun) and throw it. The gun was unloaded, the girl had never handled any kind of firearm before and wouldn't have known what to do even if it was.

Second question: What methods of torture/interrogation were used in India before the English/Eurpoeans showed up? Let's say Medieval period. If it helps, the purpose of this is to gain information, not just to cause pain.

(Sorry if I screwed up the tags, I couldn't find to mod post with the categories listed).
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Chinese female names

I already asked this at multilingual, but I didn't have much success... :/

I've been searching name sites, and according to one of them, Huang Fu is a Chinese female name meaning "rich future". However, since I know nothing about Chinese but I *do* know that name sites can be unreliable, I wanted to make sure if that was correct. (It doesn't really matter if it's a common name in present times; in fact, the more old-fashioned the better.)

And if that's not accurate, does anyone know where can I get reliable information on Chinese names?
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Wound Trauma Question

OK, next question, triggered by the Knife through the hand question by thule_.

Can anyone suggest books dealing with the effects of sword, arrows, knife (and a selection of medieval type weapons) wounds on the body?
I've heard that "Body Trauma" one of those writing reference series books does not cover sword damage or anything but modern owies. (Of course, my library doesn't have that one either so I can't see for myself).
I am not after seriously grizzly details, I don't want to be barfing in revulsion but a little more information would be smart.


P.S. Thanks a million for all your help about travel.

Pr0n of the '80s

This is a fabulous community, y'all. I'm turning to you because I have questions I can't exactly answer with Google. Specifically, they're to do with the mechanics and distribution of pr0n in the early 1980s. The object crucial to my story idea is a tape of professionally produced pr0n from 1982.

Collapse )

Thanks so much to anyone who can answer, or point me to answers.
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male sex workers

I was googling stuff last night for a fic when I found this site: Hook ( It's an e-zine by and for men who are or have worked in the sex industry.

It's well-organized and very informative. I thought I'd share it here since there are a lot of sex-related questions. Hope someone finds it useful (or at least interesting).
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Hand injuries and guitar

If my character gets a knife through his hand, nailing him to the floor for ten or more minutes before he is found, will he be able to play guitar again, or will his movements be too restricted by the cut?

If yes: How long time will it take before it is healed enough for him to play?

Modern/slightly scifi with access to the best the medical world has to offer.

Another question: is it possible for someone who broke their fingers two-three years prior to the story to play the guitar? Which hand should the fingers be on, and which fingers, to make the playing as easy as possible?

Appreciate all help.