August 22nd, 2005

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Cuts to scars

My character has cut himself on the thumb with a swiss army knife. It's not too deep a cut but it's long and he's tended to it, cleaned it, but it's still around four days later, only partially healed. What could be done to make it scar over?


Police 'fraternization' query


I am a new member of the group. I am writing a story and want to learn more about what I think you'd call fraternization rules in police departments. I'm writing specifically a story about San Francisco police, present day, officers who are of different ranks who want to date one another but realize it would have to be kept completely quiet. I'd be interested to know of other stories people have written along these lines, where I might go to research this type of thing, etc. I know it happens in real life, know it's possible, and would like to know the problems they'd be up against in real life. I'd have to know that before trying to figure out how to avoid them.

Thank you

old HMV shop

Can anyone tell me details of the store layout/interior decor/etc. of the former HMV store at 363 Oxford St. in London (across the street from where it is now?). The time period I'll be writing about is the mid-1980s.
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Fun for kids in a small town

I'm from a city of fairly good size, so I thought I'd come here for help.

What would kids, about 11-12 years old, do for fun in a small town? This takes place aournd 91-94, and
the closest "big" city (not truly a big city, just called that because it has the only mall
for some miles) is a 30-minute bike ride away. The community for this town isn't very
religious, and the town's backside is thickly wooded.

I was thinking that I would have some abandoned homes near the older parts of the town,
and in between this town and the next one over. Perhaps telling ghost stories about them and
daring each other to go in the homes could be one "hobby", but that can't be all they do...

Thanks in advance for any help!
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NYC Thunderstorms

I've been to New York City but never in a thunderstorm, hence this rather silly question. Are thunderstorms in Manhattan any different than in other places? I was wondering if the number and height of the buildings affect the rain that reaches the sidewalks. Does a lot of the rain get blocked? And do the taller buildings get struck by lightning frequently?